Free Slots

Where to Play the Best Slot Games for Free

Thousands of people play real money slots every day in online casinos and in land based gambling sites around the world.

Even more players enjoy playing free slots.

The difference is you can’t play free slots in a land based casino. You have to play online or on your mobile device if you want to play for free. You can’t walk in your local casino and play their slot machines for free.

Of course you can just pick any free option for your slots play but you still have a few things to consider. Where do you plan to play?

Visit These Casinos for Free Slots Action

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Here’s a list of things to help you find the best free slots options.

Real Casinos or Free Software Games

It seems like every software company and online business offers some sort of free games. You can play at Yahoo or find games in the iTunes store or in Android market places.

If all you’re planning to do is play slots for free you might be tempted to just find the first / easiest place and jump right in. To be 100% honest, you’ll probably be just fine doing this.

But if you want to play the best free games available and / or ever have the slightest possibility of playing for real money you need to find a casino that offers real money play where you can play for free.

The online slots market is worth billions of dollars so the real money casinos and software companies pour a great deal of money into their games. They want to offer the best games because the better their games the more people who will play.

This simple fact is why the slots offered by real money online casinos are better than the ones offered everywhere else.

And the best thing is they’ll let you play them for free.

It doesn’t really cost them anything to let people play for free, and they know that some people who start playing for free will convert to real money play.

Find a real online casino or two; sign up for a free account, and start playing. You’ll probably start receiving marketing offers that try to convert you to real money play, but you can always ignore these unless you want to start risking your money.

If you do want to switch to real money play they’ll probably give you a bonus and you’ll already have an account.

Any of the casinos listed on this page or others on the site will let you play free slots.

Are Free Games As Good As Real Money Ones?

If you follow my advice about finding the best free slots in the last section you’ll be playing the exact same games you can play for real money.

Many players have to feel the rush of wagering real money when playing slot machines, but if you’re able to play for free to fulfill your need to play, you’ll be far better off financially than most of us.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with playing for real money, but almost all slots players lose money in the long run. The only ones who don’t are the few who hit a big jackpot sometime during their life and manage to not put it all back into the machines before they die.

It’s not as dark as it sounds, but if you expect to win playing slots you need to learn more about how slot machines work. If you’re like the thousands of slots players who play as a form of entertainment then you’re doing what you’ve earned the right to do. Just like some people work so they can have extra money to go out to a movie or shopping, you choose to play slots instead.

But if you’re able to feel the same level of entertainment playing for free as you do when playing for real money you can enjoy the slots and still go shopping or to the movies.

I’m not trying to convert you, but I am trying to give you something to think about.


The old way to play free slots was finding a casino and downloading a big software package with all the games. The package might include hundreds of slot machines, blackjack games, roulette, craps, video poker, and various other options.

This could take a little time, but once you had the games downloaded you could play quickly and didn’t have to worry about connection speed or anything like that.

Many casinos still offer download versions of their games, but more and more are adding other options or replacing the downloads completely.

No Download

No download slots are available in a flash set up or other technology that loads in your web browser. You don’t have to wait for anything to download to play free slots and you can play on any device that has a web browser and a big enough screen.

Mac users usually can’t run the same download software that Windows users can so they usually us no download options.


The next big thing in free slots play came with the development of games and apps designed specifically for mobile devices. Android based tablets and phones, iPads, iPhones, Blackbery’s, and Windows phones and tablets all have options for free slots play.

The mobile markets are filled with free slots and casino games apps, but I avoid all of them and find real money options that let me play for free. Most of these options aren’t found in the markets so you’ll have to go directly to the casino web site to get the current app.


Playing free online slots is a great way to start playing on the Internet. If you take the time to look around at the different casino software solutions you can find thousands of machines.

Now you aren’t stuck at home while playing free slots. You can find the latest free offers on your mobile phone or tablet.