Your Guide to Online Gambling for Real Money is a no-nonsense website that takes a unique approach to online gambling. The vision of this website is to give you the truth you need to be an educated, successful player.

If you compare this website to all the thousands of others out there, you’ll see that I take a different approach. I’m not going to fill this one with little puff-piece articles that you can find at a hundred other websites. No, my goal is to give you the information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Apart from strategy tips and casino warnings, one thing I will do is recommend casinos based on my own experience with those places. It’s true there’s no lack of websites that recommend places to play, but one thing I’ve found is that those websites don’t always have your best interest in mind. Just because Tom’s Random Website recommends Smiley’s Casino doesn’t exactly mean the safety of your money is guaranteed.

My goal is to earn your trust by always shooting straight with you. If you look around here, you’ll see all kinds of informative articles that talk about finding legitimate online casinos, real money gambling tips, opinions and anything else that I think will assist my readers.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Where to Play

Nobody really knows how many gambling sites exist on the internet. I’ve seen estimates that range from 6,000 to as high as 53,000. The industry is fractured thanks to gaming laws that change drastically from one country to the next. Whatever the number is, it’s big and that’s why the industry can be a maze for new players.

The good news is that word of mouth travels quickly and certain casinos have earned rock-solid reputations among actual players. The best real money gambling sites include the following:

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The Best US-Friendly Gambling Sites for 2022

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The Best Canadian Gambling Sites for 2022

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The Best Online Gambling Sites for 2022

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These two sites are operated by trustworthy people. I’ve played at these websites for real money and many other people have as well. The casinos have always paid quickly and offered fair games. If that ever changes, you can be sure I’ll let you know right here.

When it comes to real money gambling, the most important thing is the safety of your funds. It is of utmost importance to play at sites that properly handle money, that pay out winnings quickly and that provide games with true odds.

The method that most people use to find safe gambling sites is to visit websites such as this one for recommendations. That method works well enough, but I also recommend doing a little research on your own. Here are a few things to ask when considering any single online casino:

  • Does it accept players from your country?
  • What do real players say about that casino at discussion forums?
  • How frequently is the site mentioned by other websites?
  • Is it accredited by any regulatory agency?
  • What types of deposit options does it offer?
  • How do you withdraw your money?
  • Does customer support provide quick answers to questions?
  • What kind of terms and conditions are associated with signup bonuses?

These are the main questions I ask myself when signing up for a casino or when deciding whether or not to recommend one here. All of these questions somehow relate to the safety of your money and the reputation of the gambling site.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Depositing and withdrawing are the beginning and end of real money gambling. You begin by depositing a little money and end by withdrawing your winnings. Once you have an account at an online casino, the first thing to do is fund that account with money.


Gambling sites provide a number of ways to fund your account. One of the most popular deposit methods is the simple credit card or debit card deposit. Using this funding method is similar to purchasing something off Amazon or Ebay. You choose an amount to deposit, type in your credit card number and hit the deposit button.

There also other options depending on the casino and your country of residence. Some other popular deposit methods include e-wallets such as Neteller and Moneybookers. Some casinos accept cash transfers via Western Union and MoneyGram.

The list of available deposit options is a little different at each gambling site. You can find out which options are available to you by logging in to your account and visiting the cashier’s area. Each deposit method is accompanied by simple instructions that will walk you through the process.


Withdrawing your winnings is, in my opinion, the best part of online gambling. Yes, it’s fun to spin the slots and place big bets on the blackjack table, but nothing compares to seeing a large withdrawal hit your checking account.

As is the case for depositing, casinos keep a list of withdrawal options in their cashier’s area. To initiate a withdrawal, just visit the cashier and click the “withdraw” button. You will be presented with a list of withdrawal methods based on your location.

Most people make withdrawals via electronic transfer or paper check. Electronic transfers are simple because they send money straight to your bank account. Paper checks are delivered by a courier (such as Fedex) and can be deposited in-person at your nearest bank branch.

Some real money gambling sites also allow you to withdraw cash through money transfer services. Others offer e-wallet withdrawals back to your Neteller or Moneybookers account. Again, just visit the cashier to see which deposit methods are available to players in your area.