About Us

Hi, my name is Kevin – welcome to my website. The goal of BestOnlineGambling.com is to help you learn how to gamble online for real money safely and responsibly. One of the reasons I started this particular website is because I got sick of being ripped off by so-called “safe” gambling sites.

The biggest problem I encountered as a gambler was poor casino recommendations. I realized later that casinos pay webmasters to give them favorable ratings. This created a conflict of interest that obviously didn’t work in the favor of casual gamblers like myself.

So anyways, that’s the short of it. BestOnlineGambling.com is designed to help you with all aspects of real money gambling online. There’s really no need to risk real money at sketchy casinos. There are plenty of safe casino sites out there that are waiting for your business. Stick with the safe gambling sites that I recommend here and you’ll be in good hands.

What do I get out of this?

Ok sure, you might be skeptical. Why would someone go through all the trouble to make a big website like this? Just to be nice?

The answer is simple: when you click on my links to visit casinos, I get credit for recommending you. That’s called being an “affiliate.” I’m not going to deny it: I would like to make a little money in return for making this website. That’s how most websites work.

That might be a turn-off, but keep this in mind: every single gambling website you visit is run by people who make money recommending casinos. How many of them actually admit it?

I’m telling you all of this right up front because I want to earn your trust. I will only direct you to safe real money gambling sites at all times. If I think a casino isn’t safe, I won’t recommend it. Period.

About Me

I got started with online gambling about a decade ago. I got my start with online poker and eventually became a professional online poker player – I used poker to pay my bills, pay for school and to put food on the table. I also did a little gambling on the side for fun.

This is my first website dedicated entirely to helping people gamble for real money, but my experience is extensive. Over the past 10 years, I have played poker, gambled and cleared bonuses at dozens of poker sites and casinos. It has been a blast.

I feel lucky because this is what I love to do. Most people consider gambling to be a hobby, but it is my life and career. I’d like to share my love for the game with you by giving you the best real gambling advice on the internet. It’s no fun when people get ripped off by shady casinos. It’s so much more fun when people have a positive experience gambling.

If you would like to know more, contact me any time. I love hearing from real people. Feel free to ask me questions, tell me about your big wins and to speak your mind about anything related to real money online gambling.

All the best,


Our Mission

Founded in 2013, BestOnlineGambling.com was created to assure gamblers of a closely monitored, safe gaming experience. We are an independently owned organization with a mission to promote player-friendly environments, regulations, and practices in the online gaming industry.

We rely on player feedback, independent research, interviews, insider news and tips to form unbiased opinions and review data. We will relentlessly pursue a fair and save environment for online gamblers. Players need to trust an informed outside source and the mission of BestOnlineGambling.com assures honest gambling advice and recommendations.

Players can file a formal complaint against any affiliated casino, bookmaker, race track, bingo hall, or other gaming venue. When we receive a complaint that we feel violates the player’s rights, we will launch a full investigation into the matter with the goal of reaching a positive resolution.

Loss of sponsorship will result when any gaming company that does not adhere to the Standards of Fairness. Designed to guarantee fairness and integrity of the software, including rules and odds, random ongoing audits will be conducted for each Internet gambling site.

Remote testing for each member’s site is performed selectively several times a year without prior notification to each member site, ensuring that no game-altering modifications will take place once testing is complete.

The testing process is run by our auditors and automated testing agents who will run thousands of games and record hundreds of results before extensive mathematical analysis is performed. We will only offer a certification and seal of approval once our team of analysts carefully examines and determines that the data recorded meets acceptable randomness of casino results.

Members must abide by the law and regulations set forth by BestOnlineGambling, and within their business jurisdiction. Each BOG member issued a legal gaming license from a governing jurisdiction will be presumed to be operating under the authority of that license after providing evidence of same.