Gambling Bonuses

A Guide to Casino Bonuses & Real Money Promos in 2022

Let’s talk about online gambling bonuses for a minute.

They’re a pretty good deal, and one of the things that separates online casinos from offline casinos. Last I checked you won’t be offered free money for sitting down at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas.

But it happens online. Every. Single. Day.

We have a full write up telling you all about gambling bonuses, how they work and how to choose the best ones. You’ll find that further below.

But some of you already know all about them. All you want to do right now is find the best ones.

We can help you there, too.

Below you’ll find a list of gambling offers available to players in your region. Most of the deals focus on casino players, but you’ll find offers for sports bettors and poker players, too.

Just click the link to visit the casino. You can also learn more about each individual bonus by clicking the read more link.

Best Online Gambling Bonuses for 2022

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2022 Bonus Codes

Unless our table says otherwise, no bonus code (also known as coupon codes, signup codes or promo codes) is needed to get the deposit bonus.

Just use the links in the table above to visit the casino. The bonus offer will be applied automatically once you create your account and make your deposit.

Gambling Bonuses Explained

In this next section we’re going to cover gambling bonuses in more detail. We’ll answer questions like…

  • Why do online casinos offer bonuses?
  • How do you choose a bonus?
  • What types of bonuses are there?
  • What are rollover or play through requirements, and how do they work?

Let’s get started.

The Reason Why Casinos Offer Bonuses

There’s one main reason why casinos offer bonuses: they want you to sign up and make a real money deposit.

The thing is… you can sign up to nearly any online casino and play for free. So unless you have to absolutely play for real money, you might choose to go that route.

Most casinos are the same, too. There’s very little reason to choose one over the other.

So casinos offer a little incentive to 1) get you off the fence – to pull out your card and make a deposit, and 2) to choose their casino over all the others.

That’s all there is to it.

Choosing a Casino (Based on Bonuses)

Assuming all other things are equal (games, banking, reputation, etc), how do you choose a casino based on their bonuses and other promotional offers? Do you just pick the casino with the biggest bonus?

No – that’s not what I recommend you do.

There are too many variables to a bonus just to choose the largest offer. I’ll cover some of them in more detail below, but these are the things you need to think about rather than just size:

  • Offer size
  • Rollover
  • Allowed games
  • Expiration date
  • Type of bonus

And that’s on top of the normal stuff – like making sure the casino is legit and safe, and that they accept players from your region, and have games you want to play.

Plus you need to consider your bankroll. Some offers are better than others for players on a small budget – likewise for players on larger budgets.

For example, a player with $500 won’t be able to take full advantage of a 100% match bonus up to $10,000. But a player with a $20,000 bankroll can.

But the player with $500 will get a lot out of a 250% match bonus up to $500, whereas the small amount won’t interest a high roller player.

Make sense?

In the next section I’ll cover the different types of gambling bonuses out there. By the time we’re done you should have a better idea of what bonuses will be right for you.

Types of Bonuses

There are lots of bonus offers out there. So let’s go over the most common options you’ll come across.

Deposit Bonus – This is an offer made to players creating an account and making a deposit for the first time. The most common offer is a match bonus.

Match Bonus – The most common offer. The casino offers to match a percentage of your deposit. For example, say the casino offered a 100% match up to $500. Every dollar you deposit the casino will give you a dollar. If you deposit $500, they’ll give you $500 for a $1,000 bankroll.

Reload Bonus – Same thing as the deposit bonus, but for existing players. These are usually match bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus – These are offers where the casino doesn’t ask you to make a deposit first. So long as you can play for real money legally, they’ll give you a small amount of cash to play with. These are often smaller offers (less than $50) and usually can’t be cashed out. But they are great for testing a casino prior to making a deposit.

Cash Back Bonus – The casino gives you cash back based on how much money you’ve wagered. They may also base it on how much you’ve lost.

Mobile BonusAn exclusive offer for mobile players. Sometimes this is on top of the offer made to web/desktop players.

Game Specific Bonus – Bonuses for specific games like blackjack, slots, craps or Texas holdem. It can be for specific sports too, like basketball, baseball or NFL football.

High Roller Bonus – Most bonuses peak at $2-$5,000. But some casinos offer high roller bonuses, which can exceed $10,000. You may even able to work out a higher, private deal with the casino.

Banking Method Bonus – These are bonuses for players using a specific banking option. For example, many casinos will give you 10 or 15 percent bonus if you make a deposit using Neteller.

Those are the most common offers.

One thing you want to keep in mind is not all bonuses are cashable. You may only be able to cash out your winnings. Other times you can cash it all out. You’ll want to read our reviews and the casinos’ terms and conditions before you accept an offer to be sure.

How the Rollover or Play Through Works

It is very important that you take the time to read the bonus terms and conditions. The casino is a business, so they’re not going to give you money because it makes them feel good. And if you fail to meet their requirements – which I’ll describe below – you may end up losing your bonus money or winnings.

The biggest term to pay attention to is the play through or wager requirements. These are terms that prevent players from making a deposit, collecting the bonus and then immediately cashing out. Here’s how they work:

Before you can cash out the casino will ask you to wager so many dollars. They usually express this in a multiple – like 40x.

Sometimes this will be 40x the bonus, and other times it’ll be times the deposit and bonus. It’s important to check because this can literally double your requirement.

For example, say you got a 100% match bonus up to $500. You took advantage of the whole thing for a total bankroll of $1,000. And the casino says you need to wager the deposit and bonus 40x.

That means you’d need to wager $40,000 ($1,000 * 40).

You’d have to do that before you requested a cash out. Otherwise the casino can void your bonus and winnings.

Make sense?

One other thing to keep in mind is the play through will depend on the games you play.

For example, slots players will often have a 20-50x play through. That’s because this is a high house edge game. You’re unlikely to win in the long –OR- short run.

Blackjack players will have much higher requirements – between 80 and 400x – because of how low the house edge is. The casino requires a larger play through so they don’t lose their shirts in case a player gets lucky in the short run.

Jump into sports and you’ll notice that many play throughs are less than 10x. Between the vig and that you’re a coin-flip at best, there’s not much risk for the sportsbook.

So it just depends on what you choose to play.

Last – you need to look for an expiration date. Some casinos will give you only 30, 60 or 90 days to complete the promotion. If you fail to do so within that timeframe you may lose some or all of your bonus money.

That’s about it.

From here you’ll want to read our reviews and the casinos’ terms and conditions to see which bonus or promo makes the most sense for you. You have to ask yourself – can I complete the terms in 30 days? Can I actually wager $40,000?

And remember – these terms need to be fulfilled before you can cash out. Which means your money can be locked up for as long as it takes.

So it won’t make sense for everyone to take the bonus. And that’s okay – all you have to do is ask the casino to waive it. Some casinos give you the option when you make your deposit.

Just make sure you do it right away so you don’t run into any confusing down the road.