High Limit Slots

Find Online Slots Casinos That Accept Large Bets

Whenever I get dragged into a conversation about high limit or low limit gambling games or gamblers it’s interesting to learn what different people consider high and low.

Most people I know consider $5 or less low limit and $100 or more high limit, but there’s so much more that goes into limits for a gambler that this just scratches the surface.

Would you consider someone who paced a single bet of $1,000 every hour on a roulette spin a high limit player? Would you consider someone betting $5 a spin on a slot machine a low limit player?

A slots player can play hundreds of spins per hour, so even a small bet can add up over time. If you play 300 spins per hour at $5 per spin you wager $1,500 an hour. This is more than the $1,000 every hour person at the roulette wheel.

Only you can decide what a high limit slots game is and what qualifies as a low limit slot machine. I consider any slot machine with a bet per spin of over $2 high limit, but I’ve seen machines with $100 spins.

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Slot machine strategy is pretty much nonexistent. If you want to lose the least amount of money the only strategy is not to play. The only hope you have of winning in the long run involves luck. You need to get lucky enough to hit a big jackpot and then quit playing before losing so much that even the jackpot doesn’t put you ahead.

When you play high limit slots there are a few things you can do to help your expected win rate and / or return on investment.

The first thing is to negotiate a nice package of benefits for your high limit play. A player’s club or slots club is a good place to start, but high limit players can usually get more.

Do you know how much your play is worth to the casino?

If you play high limit slot machines at $10 per spin and 300 spins per hour you’re wagering $3,000 per hour. If the machine has an average house edge of 5% you’re expected loss per hour is $150. Some hours will be better and some will be worse, but on average you’ll lose $150 every hour you play. If your benefits for playing aren’t at least $30 or $40 an hour you should look for a better deal.

The next thing you can do is look for high roller slots with a guaranteed pay back percentage. Most slot machines don’t have the house edge listed on them and the casinos don’t want you to know how much of an advantage they hold.

But, some high limit slots areas have machines with guaranteed pay back percentages. Ask your casino host if they have anything available with a higher payout percentage. The difference between playing at a machine with a 95% pay back and a 98% adds up quickly.

Using the example above, instead of an expected hourly loss of $150 your expected loss would be $60 per hour.

Online High Limit Play

Playing online high limit slots is different in some ways than playing in a local casino. The actual game play is about the same, but you have to consider a wider range of things.

High limit casino players usually either carry their money into a casino with them, or arrange a bank wire or line of credit with the cashier before visiting. Your casino host can help with this.

When you play online you have to figure out a way to move large amounts of money into the casino, and how to get it back out if you’re lucky enough to win.

Bank wires are usually the easiest way to do this, but you can talk to the support department to find out what your other options are.

The next issue with playing high limit slots online is finding a place that accepts bets as large as you want to place. If you’re looking for $25 per spin or less most online casinos will offer multiple options for your play. But if you want to find opportunities to place lager bets you need to do more research.

Just like when you play at a land based casino, when you play online negotiate a deal before you play. See what deposit bonuses the casino has available and what types of slots club benefits you can earn.

If the casino doesn’t have a loss rebate program in place ask what they can do for you. If you aren’t a high roller they won’t do anything special for you, but if you’re willing to gamble thousands per hour someone will want your play bad enough to offer you a nice deal.

Another Option for High Rollers

The pay back percentage on slot machines ranges from a couple percent to over 10%. This can quickly drain your bankroll. If you find your bankroll going down faster than you’d like consider playing a game with a lower house edge.

Video poker machines are somewhat like slot machines and if you’re willing to learn the basic strategy you can find games with a house edge lower than a half percent.

If you play $25 per spin and play 200 spins per hour, the difference between a video poker game with a half percent edge and a slot machine with a 4% edge is huge.

You’ll be wagering the same $5,000 on each machine, but on the slot machine your average loss per hour is $200 and on the video poker machine it’s only $25.

The video poker machines that offer pay back percentages this low are some Deuces Wild machines and 9 / 6 Jacks or Better games.

If you don’t use the best strategy you’re not any better off than when you play most slots, so don’t switch unless you’re willing to use a strategy card.


High limit slots players have multiple options for both online and land based casino play. Shop around a little bit if you’re truly a high roller because the deals vary from casino to casino.

Look for machines with certified pay out percentages and / or consider switching to a high pay back video poker machine.