Wire Transfer Casinos

If I had to pick one casino deposit method as my favorite, I think it would be the wire transfer. Wire transfer casinos are simple and straightforward. You pick an amount to deposit and then tell your bank to send that money directly to the online casino of your choice.

Wire transfers are available to players in the USA as well as players from other parts of the world. You can initiate a wire transfer deposit by logging in to the casino of your choice and choosing the “wire transfer” method in the cashier. The casino site will then send you directions for completing the wire transfer.

When to Use Wire Transfers

The wire transfer payment method is not recommended for small deposits. If you only plan on depositing a few bucks, you are better off using a different deposit method. Wire transfers are best for big deposits. The flat fees for wire transfers ($15-$30 at most banks) make them inefficient for small deposits, but cost-effective for large deposits.

Other deposit options come with strict maximum deposit restrictions and percentage based fees. You don’t want to deal with either of those issues when you make a big deposit. A wire transfer gets your account funded with minimal fuss and a single flat fee.

Wire transfer casinos send the instructions to your e-mail address after you choose that deposit option. The instructions will tell you how to fill out the wire transfer form at your bank. You will then have to either visit the bank in person or use online banking to complete the wire transfer. This extra step is a bit of a pain, but it’s well worth it for big casino deposits.

The other thing that I like about wire transfers is that they are safe. You instruct your bank to send the wire transfer directly to another bank account. No one else is involved in the transfer of funds. You don’t send any information online and you don’t deal with any middlemen. It’s the most direct money-sending route in the world.

I also like the fact that wire transfer casinos have no restrictions on the maximum size of the deposit. You can deposit as much money as you want all at once. Other deposit methods take time and limit you to depositing a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars at a time. Wire transfers are perfect for high stakes casino players.

Withdrawing via Wire Transfers

As much as I like the wire transfer as a deposit method, it is even better as a withdrawal method. Wire transfer withdrawals are fast and easy. All you have to do is tell the casino you wish to withdraw and send them your bank’s information. The casino will then send a wire transfer directly to your bank.

This is one of the best deposit methods because you don’t have to do anything. After you tell the casino that you want to withdraw, they take care of the rest. All you have to do is sit on your couch and wait for the money to hit your bank account.

Wire transfers are not cost effective for small withdrawals, so most online casinos have a minimum wire transfer amount of $100 to $500. Online casinos pay fees for sending wire transfers, so they don’t like sending out lots of little $20 wires. Your bank may also charge you a fee for receiving the wire transfer. This is a problem for small withdrawals, but I do not mind it at all when I’m withdrawing big chunks of money.