How to Win at Slots

April 11, 2014 Posted in Strategy by No Comments
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Let’s make this clear up front: slot machines have an inherent house advantage that cannot be beaten. No matter what you do or how you play, it is impossible to win consistently at slots. However, there are still certain strategies you can implement to increase the odds of winning money at slots.

First of all, learn how to take advantage of casino bonuses. The majority of online casinos offer casino bonuses designed specifically for slots players. These bonuses give you extra money to spin the reels and hopefully win more money. There are wagering requirements attached to these bonuses, but that usually won’t be a problem for slots players.

Let’s look at Win Palace Casino for example. Right now, they have a 200% welcome bonus for all new players. This means that if you deposit $100, you’ll get an extra $200 on top of that. You can’t withdraw the bonus money, but you can withdraw anything that you win while wagering the bonus money. It’s not exactly free money, but it’s not a bad deal for slots players.

Next, always check the pay tables. Whenever you play at a slot machine for the first time, take a little time to study the pay table. Understand how the jackpots and bonus games work. You will often find important information such as how many coins must be wagered per spin in order to qualify for the biggest jackpots. Look for the “pay table” or “help” button along the sides of the slot machine window.

Third, ignore all the stupid myths on the internet. The amount of bad information on the internet is just astounding. I still see completely incorrect articles ranking on the front page of Google search results. Ideas such as hot streaks, cold streaks, betting denominations and machine placement are absolute nonsense. Slot machines are completely random both online and at brick-and-mortar casinos.

One of the most persistent myths is that slot machines become due to hit after a while. In both online casinos and live casinos, slot machines operate based on computerized random number generators. Every single spin of the reels is completely random and the outcome has zero basis on past results. It doesn’t matter if your machine last paid out a jackpot two minutes or two months ago; it still has the same exact odds of paying out a jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

You can’t change the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot, but you can give yourself more chances to win. For example, let’s say the minimum bet to hit the jackpot is $1 per spin and you have a $200 bankroll.

If you bet the minimum qualifying amount ($1 per spin), you’ll have 200 chances to hit the jackpot. If you wager $2 per spin, you only have 100 chances. The odds of hitting it on any given spin remain the same, but option 1 gives you more opportunities to hit the jackpot. Bet the minimum qualifying amount whenever you play at progressive jackpot games.

Many progressive jackpot games also require you to bet the maximum number of lines to have a chance at winning. So if your progressive jackpot game has 3 lines, you’ll need to bet all three every time to qualify. If possible, reduce the betting denomination to extend your bankroll. Again, it pays to check the pay table so you can plan your play accordingly.

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