Mobile Slots

Play Slots for Real Money Using Your Phone or Tablet

Mobile slots are any that you can play while on the go without being hooked into your home computer network.

The majority of people think about playing slots on their cell phones or tablets, but you could have a mobile hotspot and use your lap top while you’re out and about as well.

I’ve seen the mobile market grow from non-existent to the explosion of options available today. It seems like everyone can play slots on the go, whether they want to play for free or for real money.

The Android and iPhone / iPad market share is huge. Depending on the charts you believe the two control over 80% (some claim over 90%) of the mobile device market. The other two players worth mentioning are Windows phones and tablets and Blackberry devices. They both have a small percentage of the market but are both supported by some mobile slots platforms.

Keep reading to find out more about each mobile slots device and where you can find the best places to play using each.


At times it seems like Apple and Macintosh are taking over the world. The positive media attention they get can make it seem like everyone uses something they make. The world seems to forget the dominating market share the Windows based computer market has over Mac.

One place where Windows (or anyone else) doesn’t have a commanding market lead is in the mobile market. iPhones and iPads are everywhere you turn. The iPhone market is vast and unless you live in a cave either you have an iPhone or you know someone who does, or both.

The iPhone slots market is as big a deal as the iPhone market. With the millions of iPhone users the casinos have bent over backward to offer chances to gamble on the phones.

You won’t find any of the best slots games in the iTunes store because you can’t find apps offered by real money casinos. You usually have to go to the home page of the online casino where you want to play and find the mobile button or section.

I always recommend playing iPhone slots using a real online casino because the games are better and you’ll have the option of switching to real money play easily in the future.


The iPad isn’t quite as popular as the iPhone, but I still see them all over the place. Just like the iPhone, the iPad offers a wide range of mobile slots options. Plus you can play many no download slots options on an iPad using the browser in addition to the regular options for an iPhone.

You can’t find real money slots in the iTunes store for iPads either, so follow the same steps I covered above for the iPhone when finding online casinos that have mobile apps for Apple products.

Android Phones

Just about any phone that isn’t an iPhone uses an Android operating system of some sort.

A wide range of phone makers have phones using Android systems. Apple and Mac enthusiasts have to use a device using iOS, which limits the field to iPhones and iPads.

Just like iPhones and iPads, you won’t find the best free slots options in the popular Android market places.

When you want to find the best options for casino games using an Android (or other mobile) device you need to find an online casino you trust and see if they have mobile options.

Most online casinos offer mobile gaming, but the games aren’t always the same as the ones they offer in their regular suite of games.

Most of the casinos listed on this site offer slots for your phones and tablets. Just follow any of the links to the home page of the online casino and find the mobile button or section. Many sites have a Mac and Android symbol on the main page as well.

Android Tablets

Android based tablets offer the same ability to play many non-download versions of popular online casinos in their web browser, but they also can play the mobile slots offered for Android phones.

You can find Android tablets in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

Check with your cell phone provider and on popular sites like Ebay and Amazon if you decide to start shopping for a tablet. I’ve bought a couple on Ebay and have had good luck with them without spending too much money.

It’s a good idea to check the operating system on the Android device you’re buying to make sure it works with the online casino where you want to play. Almost all of them will, but it would suck to buy a new tablet and find out it won’t work. Send a quick message to the support department to find out if it isn’t listed clearly on the web site.


Windows, one of the companies owned by Microsoft, has their own line of cell phones and tablet devices. They haven’t been able to capture as much of the market share as they’d like and are still far behind Android and Apple, but they do have enough users that some online casinos are offering them mobile slots options.

Once again, you’ll need to check on the main web site of the online casinos where you want to play to see if they support Windows devices.


Blackberry controlled a large part of the mobile device market when they were heavily involved in developing the PDA market. Their market share has eroded over the years but they still have a solid base of users.

Like Windows device users, you can find a few mobile slot machine options but not as many as the more popular devices.


If you’re sitting at the dentist’s or doctor’s office waiting for your appointment, take out your phone and start playing a few slots games. The selection of mobile slots is growing every day and most players have dozens of online options. If you tire of the games offered by your favorite mobile casino take a break and use a different one.