No Download Slots

Play Slots without Downloading Software

No download slots are simply ones you can play without downloading any software to your computer, tablet, or phone.

You’ll see them called many different things, like browser based slots, flash slots, and instant play slots.

Is there a difference between no download, flash, browser based, and instant play slot machines?

When it comes right down to it, there’s not really any difference for most slots players. They basically all are names for the same thing – the ability to play slots without a download.

Here’s some additional information about the advantages and disadvantages of no download slot machines and tips on the best way to find them.

Best Casinos for No Download Slots

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The two biggest advantages to no download slots are the ability to play instantly instead of waiting for a download and the ability to play on almost any device.

No download games are available to Mac users just like Windows based computer users. Many players don’t remember when Mac users didn’t have any slot machine options.

Once the first software solutions came out the casino market realized they were missing out on another profitable section of players. That’s the main reason so many no download options exist today.

The technology behind no download casinos has expanded to create the mobile gaming solutions we have today. You can play some no download games on tablets and phones using their built in browsers, but you can also use special applications (apps) to play directly on your mobile device now.

The main difference is the apps are designed to fit your device and using the browser can make the games too small to play at times.


You might not think there’d be any disadvantages to no download slots. For the most part you’d be correct.

With the advancements in software, Internet access, Internet speeds, and design, most no download slot machines are the same quality and accessible by the same people as download versions.

This wasn’t always the case. It can still create issues for a few players with poor Internet connections.

As the online casino industry grew most software packages required a download for players to enjoy the full complement of available games. No download versions were often watered down versions of the full download casino software.

You couldn’t play as many games and sometimes the slots were different graphically. If you were using dial up Internet some no download slots didn’t play well. Though fewer and fewer users are on dial up, it’s still used by some. These users can have difficulty finding no download games that work correctly.

Finding No Download Options

Because so many online casinos offer no download options, you need to take steps to make sure you deal with a safe one.

I always start searching for safe no download casinos by looking at web sites I trust. Take a few minutes to see the sites recommended on this site, read the reviews, and pick a few to look into more.

Though most people instantly think about doing a search for no download slots or slots with no download, that’s the last thing you want to do. You don’t know anything about the sites that come up so you won’t have any way of knowing which ones have your best interests in mind and which ones don’t.

If you already play online casino games using a download software platform or play mobile games, see if the place where you play offers a flash or no download solution.

When you find they don’t offer other solutions, see if other casinos offer the same games you enjoy playing in a no download option.

If you do start looking for other options, try to find out more about the casino offering the games and the ownership track record. You can find plenty of reputable online casinos with long track records of fair play, quality customer service, and good games.

Start asking your friends who gamble where they play online. I always trust their opinion more than ads I read online and they might be able to save you some pain and frustration by helping you avoid places they’ve had problems.

Don’t forget to ask them about the particular games you want to play. Slot machines vary by software company, but many casinos use the same software. So if one doesn’t offer the level of customer service you want you can often find a more trusted casino using the same no download solutions.

Difference Between Mobile and No Download

You’ve probably seen all the buzz around mobile devices and everything you can do using phones and tablets. Everything seems to be mobile this and mobile that.

Does mobile have anything to do with no download?

The technology behind no download slots and mobile slots is beyond most players (including me), but from the consumer side they’re pretty much the same.

You can log into your casino account and play instant games on your computer or lap top and you can do the same on your phone or tablet.

The common conception is that mobile only deals with things like phones and tablets and no download only deals with desk top and lap top computers.

This thought is only partially correct. While most mobile apps can’t be played on lap tops and desk tops, most mobile phones and tablets can open no download programs.

You might not be able to play some of them, depending on the size of the screen on your mobile device, but accessing them usually isn’t an issue. Most mobile devices have a browser of some sort that acts just like the browser on your regular computer.


Even though no download slots options seem like they’ve been around forever, it hasn’t been that long ago that Mac users and others who needed to play games without downloading them didn’t have many options. Now it seems like almost every online casino I visit offers an option for instant play.