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Billions of dollars a year are bet on sports. American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, horse racing, and plenty of other sports are favorites for bettors all over the world. While most people bet on sports to make games more exciting, others do it professionally for a living. Doing it for a living is not easy, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done.

Best Online Sportsbooks

Every sport has its own challenges and profitable betting styles. While a certain type of bet may be smart for one sport, it may be a sucker bet in another sport. This is why new sports bettors need to read as much as they can, talk to experienced sports bettors, and start with small wager sizes. While most sports bettors lose over time, a small number of experienced and clever punters make huge profits year in and year out. These guys prove that making consistent wins in sports betting is possible, but it’s all about how you do it.

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The Best Betting Sites for 2016

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The Best Betting Sites for 2016

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The first rule of successful sports betting is to remove yourself from the game. This is not about betting on your favorite team, it’s about placing profitable bets. Do not get emotional about your teams of favorite players. Use your head and look for value.

Sports betting is available in live casinos as well as online. There are positives and negatives of each, so if you live within a reasonable distance from a live casino, we encourage you to get familiar with both. Below you will find some of the differences between live and online sports betting.

Live Sports Betting

Most large casinos in the world have their own sportsbooks on site. Big-screen televisions line the walls, showing multiple games at any given time. A wide variety of betting options offer sports bettors the ability to place bets ranging from very conservative to high risk/high reward.

One of the benefits of placing your sports bets at live sportsbooks is the ability to build relationships with experienced sports bettors. At most live sportsbooks, professional sports bettors can be found on a day to day basis, making it easy to discuss betting strategy with people who may have more knowledge or insight. The best sports bettors do not give up information and tricks easily, so persistence is a good quality to have.

To build relationships with the best sports bettors, you should have something to offer them in return. If you’re going to pick his brain, don’t try to do it for free. Sports betting at the highest levels is an interesting world where gaining the best information and betting advice is not easy to come by. For the best training, be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time and money into developing relationships.

Some of the top sports bettors can tell you things you can’t find anywhere else. These guys are not going onto public forums and telling everyone these tricks because it hurts their odds. They don’t want you doing the same things they are, so why would they give away the best information for free? If you hang around some of the busier live sportsbooks, you’ll eventually learn who has the knowledge you need. Approach these guys carefully, offering them a drink or free bet to pick their brain for a bit. Don’t irritate them by asking them for too much or taking too much of their time. If you get a positive response, keep your foot in the door by showing them plenty of respect.

Another benefit of betting in a live sportsbook is the ability to see the action that the top bettors are going after. By seeing which tv’s the top guys are paying attention to will tell you what they’re betting on. If you see the best guys betting on a certain sport, there is probably a reason for it. Find out why.

Almost every sports bettor bets on NFL football, but when you see a successful bettor paying close attention to tennis or golf match, there may be a reason he’s placed a bet on that specific match. By talking to that guy, you may learn a trick about betting on a certain sport, a trick you can use in the future.

At live sportsbook, lots of good information can be gained – information you can use successfully forever. Instead of looking at them as a place to make your bets, look at them as a resource to learn. Talk to people and learn as much as you can before you start placing big wagers.

Online Sports Betting

Sports betting online offers it’s own set of advantages & disadvantages, including the ability to place bets from your home computer without leaving the house. While convenient, it can also contribute to gambling problems since it’s so easy to place a bet. If you plan on placing online sports bets, be sure to keep a separate bankroll for it, one you can afford to lose if you hit a bad streak. Don’t risk the mortgage or car payment on a football game just because you think it’s a lock. There is no such thing as a lock in sports, so keep your betting in check.

Online, plenty of sports betting forums are available where betting strategies can be hashed out with a large number of people. Keep in mind though, that the best sports bettors are rarely sharing their best information on the forums, so take everything you read with a grain of salt.

There are some great sports betting guides online as well. Sites like will give you the knowledge needed to get you going in the right direction. Read everything you can find, then test the strategies that make the most sense. If you’re interested in betting on any particular sport, a lot of free information is at your fingertips.

Many online sportsbooks allow you to set limits on your gambling losses. If you have a propensity to bet more than you can afford, setting limits is highly recommended. At each online sportsbook, check the site for how to set your maximum betting limits. if you can’t find it, call or email the customer service department and find out if they offer it and how to set it up.

US Online Sportsbook Deposits

While online sports betting isn’t officially illegal in the United States, it’s not officially legal either. As of 2010, there are no clear laws defining the legality of online sports betting, so there seems to be some grey area right now. There is a law called the UIGEA that has a lot of Americans confused on the subject. The UIGEA does not make online gambling illegal, rather it attempts to limit the ability of gamblers to make deposits to online gambling sites by forcing the banks to enforce this law. Some of the banks have been successful in some of their attempts to stop credit and debit card deposits, and others have not. Online gaming sites have also found ways around the standard approval process, and thus millions of Americans are still making deposits using their credit cards. Various online wallets have also proven to be a successful way for Americans to make deposit into online gaming sites.

The US government has been attempting to say that online gambling is illegal via the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. However, the authority of the Wire Act in regards to online sports betting has yet to be clarified by a court of law.

Be sure to check applicable laws in your area before making deposits into any online sportsbook.

Types of Sports Bets

Depending on the sport and sportsbook, different types of bets are available. The most common types of bets are called straight bets, money line bets, over/unders, parlay bets, teasers, futures, props (propositions), if-bets, and round robins. Most of these types of bets have various options available within them. Getting familiar with each type of bet helps sports bettors choose bets that offer the types of odds they’re interested in. If you prefer to win more often, but smaller amounts, you can bet more conservatively. However, if you prefer going after higher odds and potential profits, riskier betting options are available as well.

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