Online Golf Betting

Many people are surprised at just how popular golf betting really is. Despite it’s slow, deliberate pace, golf is a great sport for betting. Casual golfers often bet against one another on the green while fans of the sport can place wagers on Golf events from the comfort of home.

Sportsbooks have come up with some pretty interesting bets over the years to keep Golf betting interesting. If you take a look at any Golf golf betting site, you’ll see multiple types of bets that can be placed. On this page, we will list the best golf betting sites and explain how the most popular types of golf bets work.

Placing Bets on Golf Online

Golf betting on the internet is becoming increasingly popular as people become more comfortable with the idea of online sports betting. The following Golf betting sites are all large sportsbooks that have proved themselves to be fair, safe organizations that allow bets on PGA tournaments like the Masters and the British Open. We recommend you visit any of the following sportsbooks for a safe and professional golf betting experience.

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The Best US Golf Betting Sites for 2016

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The Best Golf Betting Sites for 2016

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The Best Golf Betting Sites for 2016

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Each of the golf betting sportsbooks on this page takes a completely different approach to sports betting. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that they are safe places to bet.

When it comes to online PGA golf betting, it is absolutely vital to stick with reputable, big-name sportsbooks. There are enough reputable sportsbooks out there that there’s no point in dealing with sportsbooks that haven’t already proven themselves over a course of years.

Visit any of the sportsbooks listed on this page when you’re ready to try real money golf betting. Getting started at each golf betting site is easy thanks to a simple signup and deposit process. Once you have a real money account at any golf betting site, you’ll be ready to go.

This section explains a few of the most common types of golf bets. These wagers are the ones you are most likely to see at a typical sportsbook

Golf Outright Win

This is a simple bet in which you pick an individual golfer to win a tournament. If your golfer wins the tournament, you are paid according to the odds listed next to that golfer. Big name golfers usually offer the lowest payouts while unknown golfers offer the highest payouts.

These bets are also sometimes classified as “Golf Futures.”

Golf Matchup Bets

In a golf matchup bet, you take any two golfers out of any tournament and place a wager on the one that you think will end up with the lowest score of the two. The golfers’ results in the tournament do not matter in matchup bets. The only thing you care about is how your golfer performs compared to the golfer he was matched against in the bet.

These wagers are also sometimes called “head-to-head bets” or “2-ball bets.”

Golf 3-Ball Bets

Golf 3-ball betting is the same as matchup betting except it involves groups of three golfers. In a 3-ball bet, you place your money on the golfer that you think will do best out of the group. If your golfer ends up with the best score compared to the rest of the group, you win the bet. These wagers are a bit harder to win but they offer higher payouts.

Golf Futures

Golf futures are wagers that take place over a longer period of time. Some sportsbooks list their “outright win” bets in this section. Golf futures can also involve other subjects. For example, you might be able to place a wager on how many Majors Tiger Woods will win this year.