Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a serious disease that affects the lives of millions of people around the world. As a responsible webmaster, I feel that it is important to address this difficult subject. If you suspect you or someone you know has a gambling problem, it is important that you find help immediately.

Gambling addiction is a disease that can be cured with treatment and help from others who have been through the same thing.

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Left untreated, gambling addiction can be a devastating disease. It can turn otherwise healthy people into nervous wrecks and lead to financial ruin. It can strain relationships, damage families and sometimes even lead to criminal behavior. Not all hope is lost, however, because gambling addiction can be cured.

Gambling Addiction Signs

Like all other addictions, gambling addiction can be a sneaky disease. It’s not a condition that people are proud to admit and many people can become quite adept at hiding it. Here are just a few signs that may indicate someone has a gambling problem:

  1. Missing school or work due to gambling
  2. Unhappiness in home life due to gambling
  3. Feeling remorse after gambling
  4. A damaged reputation due to gambling
  5. Gambling to get money to pay bills or debts
  6. A decrease in productivity or ambition due to gambling
  7. Feeling a strong urge to recoup your gambling losses by gambling more
  8. Feeling a strong urge to gamble more even after winning
  9. Gambling until you run out of money
  10. Gambling more than you intended to gamble
  11. Selling things to pay for gambling
  12. Borrowing money to pay for gambling
  13. Growing careless of the welfare of your family due to gambling
  14. A reluctance to use gambling money for other expenses
  15. Gambling to escape loneliness, stress or boredom
  16. Committing a crime to pay for gambling
  17. Losing sleep over gambling
  18. Gambling after an argument or stressful day
  19. Feeling an urge to celebrate good fortune by gambling
  20. Considering suicide as a result of gambling

The above signs are taken directly from the 20 questions of problem gambling by Gamblers Anonymous. The following signs may also indicate that someone you know has a gambling problem:

  1. Person is becoming increasingly defensive about his/her gambling habits.
  2. Person is suddenly secretive over money and finances
  3. Money is suddenly going missing
  4. Items are disappearing from the house
  5. Person is suddenly lying about time spent gambling, money spent gambling or about otherwise trivial matters
  6. Person is becoming increasingly alienated from others

Gambling Addiction Help

I have personally witnessed the ravages of various addictions and truly do wish the best for you. I also know that I know very little about helping people with gambling problems. However, I do know of some great resources that can help you find effective, anonymous help. Everybody has problems, and nobody should ever feel forced to face them alone.

Please visit the following gambling addiction links for additional help and resources. These resources are great if you’re worried about a gambling problem but have no idea where to start.

  • Gambling Addiction Page – This page offers a great overview of problem gambling and offers a solid list of places to find help.
  • The National Council on Problem Gambling – An organization that dedicates itself to helping people with gambling problems. They offer a 24 hour anonymous help line for both problem gamblers and those who know problem gamblers.
  • Gamblers Anonymous – This tried but true organization has been helping problem gamblers for 50+ years. Includes a list of meeting locations for every state in the USA plus many countries.
  • – A large organization dedicated to helping people beat their gambling addiction. Includes a directory of live meetings all around the world.
  • Gambling Addiction Forums – A community where people can meet, discuss and fight their gambling problems together. An incredibly helpful resource where you can meet like-minded people. Great whether you have a gambling problem or know someone with a gambling problem.