What is the MST Gift Card and How Does it Work?

August 4, 2013 Posted in Depositing by No Comments

The MST Gift Card may seem a little mysterious because it’s not sold to the general public. There is no central MST website that sells cards to anyone who wants one. To get an MST gift card, you must receive an invitation from an online casino.

You can get an MST Gift Card by visiting any gambling site that uses this deposit method. Create an account at that casino, visit the cashier and click on the “MST” option inside the deposit area. Your casino will then send you an e-mail with an invitation to purchase the card.

In short, the MST Gift Card is a prepaid, virtual debit card. You can load it with funds using your own credit or debit card and then use it to deposit at your casino. It is not affiliated with Visa, MasterCard or any of the other major credit card brands. So, you can only use the MST Gift Card at specific casino sites that use it as a deposit method.

Sites that Accept MST Gift Cards

Not all casinos use the MST payment system. Here’s a quick list of sites that DO:

  1. Sun Palace Casino
  2. SlotsPlus
  3. Old Havana Casino

You can get an MST Gift Card at any of the above casinos. All you need is an account, and then you can request an invitation by visiting the cashier. You’ll get an e-mail with all the instructions needed to get up and running.

How Do MST Gift Cards Work?

MST Gift Cards work just like prepaid gift cards, except MST cards are virtual. At no point do you actually get a physical card. After you get your invitation, you’ll be sent to a website where you can create an account and get a card number.

Once you have a virtual MST card, the next step is to load it with funds. You can use any debit or credit card to fund your virtual card. Then, log in to your casino and head to the cashier to make your deposit. You will then need to type in your MST Gift Cad number and an amount to deposit.

Your funds should appear in your account instantly. This is a prepaid solution, so transactions are processed quickly. That’s all there is to it.

A Couple of Other Things to Know

MST Gift Cards are one-way solutions. That is, they cannot be credited with withdrawals. When you withdraw from your gambling account, the casino will send the money to you via a paper check or an electronic bank transfer.

One of the nice things about MST Gift Cards is that they serve as a buffer between your payment information and your casino. When you use MST, you never send your actual credit card details to the casino. The only information the casino receives is the number on your MST card.

Another advantage to using MST Gift Cards is that you don’t have to worry about declined deposits. MST is used by gambling sites because it isn’t associated with any of the other credit card brands and therefore doesn’t have the same restrictions against online gambling transactions.

If you’ve ever had a gambling deposit declined by your card issuer, the MST Gift Card is a great solution to get around those restrictions.