Is TwinSpires a Safe Horse Betting Site?

June 3, 2014 Posted in FAQs, Racing by No Comments
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People who are interested in betting on horses over the internet invariably stumble across at some point. It is one of the largest and most well-known horse racing sites on the internet.

Naturally, people tend to wonder if TwinSpires is safe. I have good news: Yes it is. TwinSpires is fully licensed and regulated in the United States. Horse and greyhound racing received exemptions from anti-gambling legislation back in 2006, so horse betting fans don’t have to place wagers at offshore gambling sites. is based out of Kentucky and it accepts real money wagers from players around the world. The website operates in the open and is subject to the applicable laws of the state and federal governments.

There are a few horse betting sites based in the United States and TwinSpires is one of the biggest. Another big player in the industry is BetAmerica. BetAmerica is also located in the US and subject to the same rules, regulations and laws.

TwinSpires actually has a pretty cool way of doing business. After you make an account and deposit a little money, you can choose races from tracks located all over the country plus a few international tracks. Then, you can place bets on specific races just like you would if you were actually there.

You can also watch many of the races live. TwinSpires shows the races live on their website via streaming video. You need to be logged in to your account, but you don’t have to deposit any money to watch the races. The video quality isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s still cool to watch it in real time.

But back to the main point, yes, TwinSpires is legit. It is located in the US and even has an actual mailing address in Kentucky. You don’t see that often when it comes to online betting.

Click here to learn more about TwinSpires.

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