Ridiculous Terms and Conditions in Online Gambling

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Here’s a fun post that I’m sure is going to make me all kinds of new friends. As much as I love online gambling, I really hate a lot of things that online casinos do. One of the worst things they do is insert the most incredible, ridiculous, hate-worthy clauses inside their “terms and conditions” page.

Diceland Casino:

The casino has the right to refuse or withhold a bonus or winnings in the event of a deposit being cancelled, returned or denied by any payment service or processor at anytime.

Online casinos that serve players in the United States operate in a risky business environment and they know it. The reason they choose to operate in this risky industry is because the rewards are great. Americans have a lot of money to spend.

Sometimes, payment processors are shut down by government agencies or they otherwise go out of business for simply failing to keep enough cash on hand. Whatever. Here’s the deal: casinos make the CHOICE to operate in this industry. It is wrong for them to try to push that risk onto the player.

Any reputable casino will honor player withdrawals no matter what. If a payment processor gets shut down, a delay in withdrawals is understandable. After all, the casino needs to get a new payment processor up and running. But to simply tell you “too bad, our payment processor went out and your deposit is lost” is dirty, low, cheap and ugly.

Plus, there’s no accountability. We don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes. What’s to stop the casino managers from saying “you know, this guy won too much money. Let’s cancel his cashout and tell him a payment processor went down.”?


Reputable casinos do not work like that. Lucky Red Casino, Sun Palace Casino and many other quality gambling sites do not pass that risk on to their customers. They understand that things will happen, they put extra cash aside and they somehow always manage to find a way to pay their winners. That’s how it should be in the gambling industry.

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