What does the maximum payout on Let It Ride mean?

June 5, 2014 Posted in FAQs by No Comments

Here’s another question from a fellow GamblingForReal.com visitor. This person asked what the maximum payout on Let It Ride means. In case you’re wondering where this question originated, many online casinos have a maximum payout rule that appears when you load the Let It Ride or Let Em Ride game.

This means that no matter what happens, there’s a limit on how much you can win with a single hand. This is worth keeping in mind because if you look at the payouts and maximum bet, it is very possible to win too much money in a single hand.

For example, the casino pictured above has a maximum payout of $50,000. The maximum bet at that table is $120 and the payout for a Royal Flush is 1000:1. If you bet $100 and hit a Royal Flush, the payout should be $100,000 (1000:1 odds). However, that exceeds the maximum payout and you only end up getting $50,000.

This is a sneaky rule that you should remember. Always look at the payouts and compare those to the maximum payout rule. If you wager too much money, it gives the casino an increased house advantage. Your risk stays the same, but your potential winnings are capped. So either limit your wagers (in this case $50 per hand to stay under the aggregate payout rule) or play a game that doesn’t have a maximum payout rule.

What is the point of this rule?

To be honest, I’m not sure exactly. All I can tell you is that it has something to do with the casino not wanting to risk losing too much money. Royal Flush payouts in Let It Ride are pretty high at 1000:1… so I guess casinos don’t want to break the bank if someone drops a big bet down and hits the jackpot.

It’s a bad rule, but at least this site gives you ample warning. The picture from above was taken from a pop-up that appears every time I load the Let Em Ride table at that casino. It’s a crappy rule, but at least the casino isn’t burying it deep inside a page of terms and conditions.

In a perfect world, online casinos would solve this issue by keeping more cash on hand and accepting the risk. They have the advantage over the long run, so they might as well try to keep players coming back. And if they don’t want to take on that much risk, they could always just lower the maximum bet.

Look at it this way: if you accept $100, $200 or even $10,000 bets at your casino, that’s your choice. You take on the risk of paying out big winners, but you also attract profitable whales. It kind of feels like the maximum aggregate payout rule is an attempt to get the best of both worlds. They can still accept big bets, but they don’t have to pay outrageous jackpots.

It’s still somewhat perplexing, though. These casinos have plenty of slot machines with much larger jackpots and they aren’t afraid to pay the winners of those games. Maybe it’s just because slot machines are so much more profitable while Let It Ride is a slow-moving game with a low house advantage.

This is why it pays to be an informed gambler. Always check the rules, pay tables and bonus conditions before you gamble online. Quality gambling sites won’t ever steal from you, but you should still go in with as much knowledge as possible. That way, you can make the most profitable decisions every time you gamble for real money.