Introducing Instant Win Games

April 23, 2014 Posted in Casino Games by No Comments
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Instant win games have been available on the internet for a while now, but we’ve recently been hearing more and more about them. Instant win games are pure, unabashed gambling. They’re sort of like virtual lottery tickets: you buy them, scratch them and hope for the best.

There are two major differences between online instant win games and physical lottery games:

  • Instant win games offer a much higher payout rate. They are not government controlled monopolies like most lotteries, so there is actually competition for your business.
  • Instant win games come in many different varieties. The virtual nature of online instant win games gives developers free reign to come up with all sorts of crazy games.

Where to Play

Online instant win games can be found all over the place. Most online casinos feature at least a few instant win games. The selection at online casinos includes slot machines, virtual scratch cards and specialty game such as Hi-Lo (the game shows a card, and you predict whether the next card will be higher or lower).

You can visit any of the following online casinos to play instant win games for real money:

Some countries also have official websites for their state lottery games. I do not recommend such sites, though, because they are primitive and promote games with terrible payout rates.

Government controlled monopolies do not have to compete with other entities (or so they think) so they keep the house advantage as high as they think they can get away with.

Types of Instant Win Games

Instant win games come in many different formats. There’s no official definition of “instant win games,” but basically any game that is short, simple and offers an immediate payout can be considered an instant win game. Some people even consider slot machines instant win games.

Virtual scratch cards are one of the most popular types of instant win games. These cards can be found at most online casinos and they resemble scratch cards that you can buy at any convenience store. All you have to do is purchase the ticket, “scratch” the virtual slots and see if you win a prize.

Certain specialty games such as Hi-Lo Shuffle and Bonus Bingo can also be considered instant win games. In these games, players try to predict various outcomes for instant prizes. The concept is simple and prizes are awarded immediately.

Some online casinos also have instant win games that resemble arcade games. For example, there are instant win games modeled after every major sport and games that very closely resemble brick-breaking classics such as Bejeweled.

Check out any of the casinos listed on this page to see instant win games for yourself. Each online casino will let you try out the games for free before you make the jump to real money. When it comes to quick gambling, instant win games are right on the money.

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