What the Heck are Bet365 “Premium Tables”?

April 17, 2014 Posted in Poker by No Comments
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premium tablesBet365 has been talking about its “premium tables” since forever and I could never figure out what they were. The website mentioned them, newsletters mentioned them and other websites did too. But I could never figure out what in the ever-loving hell they were. All I got was the general idea that they were something good.

Well, I’ve finally figured it out. Premium tables are table that are reserved exclusively for members of Bet365. You see, Bet365 Poker is a member of the iPoker Network and that means it normally shares players and tables with other poker sites. The premium tables are a sort of roped-off area reserved only for players from Bet365.

Playing at these tables gives you special benefits that you don’t get when you play at the normal tables. More specifically, you get to participate in special promotions that you don’t get at the other tables. Here’s an example of one that’s running right now:

€100,000 Premium Giveaway

The Premium Giveaway hands out 350 cash prizes of varying sizes every day. As you play in real money games at Bet365, you earn free tickets to the cash drawing. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances of winning a prize. Speaking of which, the prizes range in size from €5 to €250.

This promo goes for all the tables – not just premium tables. But if you do play at premium tables, you earn entries twice as fast. It’s a bonus just for playing at those tables.

That’s the first example I could find. Bet365 is always talking about its premium tables and hosting special promos for those tables. All you have to do is join those tables and play poker like you always do.

So there you have it. Bet365’s premium tables are just normal poker tables that offer extra benefits. There’s no rake increase or other catch. I believe Bet365 just likes when you play at its exclusive-to-Bet365-players tables because it gets to keep the rake rather than split it up with other iPoker skins. That’s just my guess though.

In any case, premium tables are actually a good deal. Any time you see an open seat at one, you might as well take it.

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