How to Get Free Cash at Sun Palace Casino

April 19, 2014 Posted in Bonuses by No Comments

Sun Palace Casino has a couple of promotions (in addition to the welcome bonus) that you can use to get free cash. Sun Palace is a fairly popular USA-friendly casino, but not many people realize that there are two other long term promotions that give free cash to players on a regular basis.

The simplest bonus is a weekly cash giveaway in which Sun Palace gives $100 to 10 different players at random. You do not have to make a deposit or do anything special to qualify for this cash. Just opt-in to the promotion at the Sun Palace website and look for your name in the weekly newsletter. This isn’t life changing money, but I like the fact that it comes with no strings attached.

If you have an account at Sun Palace Casino, there is no reason to pass on this promotion. A new drawing is held every week, so you actually have a decent chance of winning at some point. An extra $100 is always useful no matter how big your bankroll is.

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The second free cash promotion is hosted as a part of the Sun Palace VIP program. Any time you play in real money games at Sun Palace Casino, you earn frequent player points. You can redeem these points at the end of each month for a quick cash bonus. Here’s a quick look at the rewards:

  • Earn 200-499 comp points: $25 cash
  • Earn 500-999 comp points: $50 cash
  • Earn 1000 or more comp points: $75 cash

In addition to the above cash prizes, Sun Palace Casino hosts a drawing each month for the players who earned any of the above bonuses. Five players will be selected at random to receive an extra $50 on top of the above cash prizes.

I’ll admit that you can find bigger bonuses elsewhere, but these bonuses are simple and easy to earn. You don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get your money. I also have a lot of trust in Sun Palace. It’s operated by a great company that consistently impresses me with its cashouts and overall quality experience.