Most Fun Casino Games

January 31, 2014 Posted in Casino Games by No Comments
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The main objective in gambling is to have fun. We all like to win money of course, but gambling isn’t a serious money-making endeavor like going to a job every day. The main thing is to have fun while you do it.

Choosing the most fun casino games is difficult because we all have our own preferences. I’m sure one of you will think this list is just dandy while a few of you will think I’m an idiot. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just going to pick a few games based on different criteria and let you be the judge.

Games That Are Just Fun to Play

These games aren’t fun because there’s a lot of strategy or deep thinking involved; they are fun because they are flashy, goofy and interesting.

Slot machines definitely fall in this category. The old-fashioned single reel machines are kind of fun, but I think the best slots are those brand new video slots that come out all the time at online casinos.

Some of the best examples of these are the new 3D slots at Bovada Casino. They aren’t particularly complicated, but I love the videos, flashy animations and unique themes.

For example, this pirate themed slot machine at Bovada is all kinds of fun. They did a really good job setting the mood and getting the atmosphere just right. I think it’s pretty obvious they got more than a little inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean.

One of the other things that makes this kind of slot machine a fun casino game are the bonus rounds. If you see the video above, there’s a bonus round that involves pounding down shots in a competition against a drunk pirate on a rolling pirate ship. Pretty cool stuff.

Some of the other slots that caught my attention in the past are the iSlots at some casinos. Golden Cherry Casino has a few of these. The iSlot is unique because each one has multiple storylines and skill-based bonus rounds.

One that comes to mind is a game called Hole in Won. That one has bonus rounds of miniature golf in which you take a break from slots and try to navigate your way through a 9 hole miniature golf course.

These kinds of slot machines are my favorites for pure, stupid fun. Stress free and free of difficult decisions. Plus, there’s always the chance to win a big jackpot.

Games that Are Fun for Strategy

Some of you may find certain casino games fun because they involve strategy. That is, the decisions you make have a real outcome on the game.

Blackjack is perhaps the greatest example of strategy-intensive casino games. The game is fairly simple on the outside, but when you delve into the realm of strategy, you learn that this game is full of strategy.

In blackjack, the decisions you make have a significant impact on your bottom line. Hit at the wrong times and take insurance every chance you get and you’ll be broke before you know it. Play all your cards right and you just might end the night a winner.

Blackjack isn’t the only strategy casino game out there. Video poker also involves quite a bit of strategy. Entire books have been written that explain how to use strategy to minimize the house advantage and (in some cases) how to beat the house.

Pai Gow Poker is another one that involves some strategy. The strategy for Pai Gow Poker isn’t nearly as intensive as blackjack or video poker, but that allows you to play a pretty smart game without investing months into researching every possible strategy.

The fun thing about strategy games is that you can put your brain to work at the casino and know that you are really making a difference. I’ve always found that to be a satisfying feeling – especially when things end up working in my favor.

Social Games

Social games are fun because of the other people. Craps is the perfect example of a social casino game. The way the game is set up forces players to interact with one another.

At a brick and mortar casino, the players take turns shooting the dice. The people who aren’t shooting place bets and crowd the table, usually rooting for the shooter.

This may not sound all that impressive if you’ve never played at a busy craps table but believe me, it is an experience completely different than anywhere else in the casino. When the shooter goes on a roll and the whole table is winning money, it’s just an incredible atmosphere.

One thing that keeps some people away from craps is the intimidation factor. It looks like a complicated game with the board in the middle, all those chips flying around, people shouting in all kinds of lingo and all that.

My advice is to check out my craps guide and learn how to place the pass line bet. That’s the most basic bet in craps and you won’t go wrong with it. You can also practice a few rolls at an online casino. From there, you’ll be ready to hit the real craps tables. Everything else will fall in place as you expose yourself to the game.

Poker isn’t a true casino game since you don’t play against the house, but it kind of counts since most major casinos have a poker room. This game is also quite social, although it does involve competition between the players.

I’ve always enjoyed the social element of poker. Even online poker has a thriving social atmosphere that involves random discussions, trash talk and players going on tilt. Live players can be quite obnoxious, but it’s always entertaining to sit and watch.

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