How to Find Safe Online Gambling Sites

February 25, 2014 Posted in Gambling Sites by No Comments
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Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing a gambling site. I’ve written a lot of articles about finding gambling sites and the one thing I constantly harp on is the importance of finding safe online casinos. Most sites are completely safe, but there are just enough bad apples out there that a little investigation is worthwhile.

The easiest way to find a safe place to play is to listen to people you trust. Find a website that does honest casino reviews and listen to what that site has to say. Not all gambling sites offer unbiased reviews, but you can figure out which ones do by cross-referencing the recommendations of various gambling sites. If you do enough looking around, you will eventually figure out which casinos are consistently ranked the highest.

Safe Casinos

The online casino industry has exploded in recent years and it seems like any schmuck can open a casino site. This is a good thing because the competition leads casinos to be ever more generous with their payout rates and deposit bonuses. This can be a bad thing because it gives bad casinos an environment in which they can slip in and snag unsuspecting players.

You can find safe online casinos by either visiting the reviews here at or visiting any other gambling website that you trust. Additionally, you can check out casino blacklists to find out which casinos have been blacklisted.

Bingo Sites

The online bingo industry is a quickly growing industry that still has a lot of maturing to do. There are many high quality bingo sites out there, but there are also quite a few poor bingo sites. If you would like to find the best bingo sites, I recommend you take a look at websites that specialize in online bingo reviews.

At the time of this writing, USA players do not have many quality options. There are a few good USA-friendly bingo sites out there, but most of the quality bingo sites are open to UK and European players only. Hopefully this will change in the near future. Right now, the only quality USA-friendly bingo site that I know of is 123 Bingo Online. The best UK/European bingo site that I know of is 888 Ladies Bingo.


The online sports betting industry includes a variety of high quality and low quality Sportsbooks. The best online sportsbooks are those that have been around for a long time. Names such as Bodog, Bet365 and William Hill are all highly trusted and well known. You won’t go wrong at a big name sportsbook like one of those.

There are also a few sportsbooks out there that have less-than-stellar reputations. These sportsbooks have gotten bad names for a variety of reasons. Many earn these reputations with slow payments, predatory betting terms and failures to pay big winners. The best place to find out which sportsbooks are the best (and which are blacklisted) is They have a highly trusted list of safe sportsbooks and rogue programs.

Poker Sites

Finding safe online poker sites is a pretty easy task. The largest poker sites tend to be the safest. Sites such as Bet365 and Party Poker are highly trusted. USA-facing poker sites have had a lot of trouble recently, but that’s mostly due to government interference. As soon as we get legalized online poker, there will be a lot of great options for USA players.

The process for finding safe online poker sites is pretty much the same as it is for the other categories above. Check out the reviews at trusted websites, listen to what your friends say and get a feel for the general consensus at online poker forums.

The one thing to remember about word-of-mouth poker site reviews is that people tend to get angry and blame bad luck or bad play on poker sites being “rigged.” I don’t want to get into that whole discussion right now, so suffice it to say that large poker sites are not rigged. People just have a hard time dealing with bad luck and/or admitting defeat.

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