The Fastest Way to Make $100 at a Gambling Site

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100So, you want to make $100 at an online casino and you want to do it RIGHT NOW. Well, this guide is just for you. Below, I present the fastest way to net $100 at a gambling site.

But first, we must begin with a preface. The “fastest way to make $100” does not equal “a guaranteed way to make $100.” This blog post is not a promise that you will make $100. We are talking about gambling here. And in gambling, nothing is guaranteed.

Do not fear, though. I have a pretty good method inked out and ready to go. This method offers the greatest possible combination of effectiveness and speed.

Step 1: Sign up at a casino with a cashable deposit bonus

The first thing you need to do is get a cashable casino bonus. You can’t get just any random bonus – it needs to be cashable. That is, the bonus money itself must be withdraw-able. Most casino bonuses are for wagering purposes only and won’t work for this exercise. We need bonus money that we can withdraw.

I recommend beginning with the welcome bonus at Sun Palace Casino. They have a 150% deposit bonus that is good for up to $3,000 in bonus money. This is step one.

Click here:

Step 2: Deposit $150

A $150 deposit at Sun Palace Casino will get you a $225 bonus. This number is important because of the calculation that follows in step 3.

Step 3: Clear the bonus with a low house advantage game

All casino bonuses have to be cleared before you can withdraw the bonus money. You can clear these bonuses with games like slots and keno, but the house advantage in those games will eat up a lot of your profits. You need to use a low house advantage game for the best chances to end up with a profit.

Blackjack is your best bet, but not all casino bonuses can be cleared with blackjack. The good news is that the Sun Palace Casino does allow you to use blackjack to clear it. Visit my blackjack strategy page, download a strategy chart and clear the Sun Palace bonus.

Above, I said that a $150 deposit is important. This is the least amount you can deposit and still expect to turn a profit after you finish clearing the bonus. Assuming you play blackjack perfectly, you can get the house advantage down to about 0.65%.

The total rollover on this bonus is 50 times the deposit + bonus amount. That means you’ll need to place a total of $18,750 in blackjack wagers. With a house advantage of 0.65%, you can expect to lose about $121.88 over the course of clearing this bonus. Subtract that from the total bonus amount ($225) and you end up with about $100 in profits.

This is the part where “nothing is guaranteed” applies. Expected value only describes the average amount you can expect to win or lose over the long term. In the process of clearing this one bonus, you may win or lose more or less than $121.88. Mathematically though, this is your best bet.

How long does this take?

The length of time it takes you to earn $100 with this bonus depends on how quickly you can play blackjack and how much you bet per hand. Smaller bets will take you longer but they will reduce your volatility. Bigger bets will move things along much quicker, but they will increase your volatility.

What I mean is if you place $50 bets, there’s a high chance of hitting a bad run of cards and going broke before you clear the bonus. If you place $1 bets, it’s going to take much longer but you probably won’t go broke before you clear the bonus.

Let’s say you decide to play it safe and wager $1 per hand. You’re going to have to play a total of 18,750 hands. If you play 3 hands per minute, it’s going to take you 6,250 minutes or 104 hours to clear the bonus. If you decide to wager $5 per hand and can play 6 hands per minute, it will take you 625 minutes or 10.4 hours to clear the bonus.

A Faster Way

You can always just sign up at any online casino and place a $100 bet on “player” in baccarat. You’ll either win $100 or lose $100 and it will take you a grand total of 5 seconds. Technically, this is the fastest way to make $100 at an online casino, but the reliability is low. Your odds of winning a single bet in baccarat are slightly better than 49%.

This method is pretty self-explanatory but there’s one thing you should watch out for. Some online casinos impose a rollover on every deposit you make before you can withdraw your own money! This is a terrible rule so make sure you stick with safe online casinos. None of the casinos on this page have such a rule.

Cashing Out

No matter which method you choose, you’ll have to add extra time for withdrawing your money. Depositing only takes a few seconds, but cashing out can take hours, days or weeks depending on where you play and where you live.

Gamblers in the UK, Canada and pretty much everywhere except the United States can cash out quickly via Neteller and instant bank transfers. Gamblers in the United States will usually have to wait about a week to get a check in the mail or a bank wire. Again, the key is to play at a safe and reputable casino site.

No matter where you live, don’t look at gambling as a get-rich-quick scheme. You can make $100 quickly if luck is on your side, but this isn’t a guaranteed gig. Take up this challenge for fun, but don’t try it if you’re in serious financial trouble. Go sell blood plasma or something in that case.

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