Western Union Casinos

Note: BestOnlineGambling.com is not associated with Western Union in any way. This is simply my personal review of how it works as a casino deposit method. The reason I point this out is because I have heard from other webmasters that Western Union has an aggressive legal team when it comes to mentioning their name online.

Western Union is a casino deposit method that allows players to fund their accounts with real cash. Instead of signing up and depositing with a credit card, you can fund your account with the extra cash that you have sitting around your house.

The most popular Western Union casinos are gambling sites that accept players from the United States. With limited banking options for USA players, a few online casinos have started accepting Western Union as a deposit method. And surprisingly, it works pretty darn well for funding accounts.

More About Western Union

Western Union has been in business since 1851 and operates nearly 250,000 cash transfer locations around the world. No matter where you live, the odds are good that you’re not far from a local transfer station. The business is fast and efficient when it comes to getting money where it needs to go.

One of the nice things about using Western Union as a payment method is that no credit card is necessary. You can just walk into the transfer station with cash in hand and send it to your casino site. The casino will then credit your player account with that money.

On the other hand, you do have the option to use your credit card at the transfer station to make your deposit. If your credit card deposit is declined at the casino (due to banking regulations), you can use that credit card at a Western Union outlet to send funds to your casino account. A good percentage of USA casinos accept Western Union as a payment method.

One thing I recommend when using Western Union to fund your real money account is to not mention to the Western Union employees that it’s for online gambling. You don’t need to lie or anything like that, but it’s best not to volunteer that information yourself. The average person is sadly uninformed about online gambling and that might make it difficult for you to complete your deposit.

Western Union Withdrawals

I have withdrawn gambling funds via Western Union myself and found it pretty easy. I asked for a withdrawal for about $800 a couple years ago and went to a WalMart down the street to pick up the money. The Western Union agent there gave me a short form to fill out and I was paid in cash.

I thought it was pretty cool to get a cash withdrawal from a gambling site. Even though electronic banking is more convenient, it was nice to get actual currency for once. I put the money in my pocket and walked out with a smile on my face.

Make sure you bring a photo ID with you when you visit Western Union outlets. This goes for both deposits and withdrawals. A picture ID is required for both types of transactions. However, I have read recently that Western Union can set up a password for you ahead of time if you do not have a photo ID. I don’t know exactly how this works, but I imagine you would need to call the Western Union customer support number to set this up.