Cash Transfer Casinos

Cash transfer casinos accept deposit methods that allow you to deposit cold, hard cash. At a cash transfer casino, you do not need to send them your credit card information or even have a bank account. All you need to do is visit a local cash transfer agent, give them cash and tell them where to send it.

You can initiate a cash transfer deposit by logging into the casino of your choice and visiting the cashier. Click on the “cash transfer” option and wait for the casino to send you instructions. In most cases, the casino will tell you to visit a MoneyGram or Western Union location and send the cash to an agent on behalf of the casino.

Advantages of Cash Transfer Casinos

The main thing many users like about cash transfer casinos is that they let players use actual cash to deposit. Even though a player might live hundreds of miles away from the casino headquarters, they can still fund their account with the cash that they have in their wallets. This comes in handy if you have extra cash and don’t want to use funds out of your bank account.

If you don’t have a bank account, the cash transfer option is a lifesaver. All you need is cash and a photo ID. The local transfer agent will take your cash, give you a receipt and send the money to the casino. The casino site will then fund your account with that money.

Cash transfer casinos are also a blessing for security-minded gamblers. When you make a cash transfer deposit, you do not have to reveal your banking information. You are never asked for your credit card number or bank account number.

Disadvantages of Cash Transfer Casinos

Convenience plays a major role in online gambling. You don’t have to leave the house to play real money casino games. The problem with cash transfers is that you have to get up and physically take the cash to a transfer station. There are thousands of locations around the world, but still – it’s easier to just deposit online with a credit card.

The only other thing many users don’t like about cash transfer payments is that it doesn’t work well for large deposits. Most players don’t like carrying lots of cash with them even for a short drive. They’re always paranoid that they’ll lose their wallet or someone will rob them.

Cash Transfer Services

There are several services that process cash transfer payments to and from online gambling sites. We are personally not affiliated with these services, but our experts familiar with them. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular cash transfer companies:


MoneyGram is a US-based cash transfer company that was founded in 1940. It operates more than 210,000 transfer locations spread across nearly 200 countries. MoneyGram is a highly respected company with a reputation for secure, timely payments.

Western Union

Western Union is the oldest cash transfer service on this page with a history that dates back to 1851. The company processes cash payments all around the world and is a highly trusted payment service.


Ukash is a London-based cash transfer service. You can visit a Ukash location in person and pay cash for a 19 digit voucher. After you get your voucher, you can redeem that voucher at the casino of your choice. This payment system is also popular for other online purchases.