How to Cheat Online Sportsbooks

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I’ll admit right now that I am not an expert sports bettor. Yea, I can write up basic tips articles and sportsbook reviews, but I’m not the guy to go to for picks and advanced arbitrage betting strategy. However, I do know of one method of cheating that actually works. It requires no knowledge of sports betting and very little effort.

Sound too good to be true? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Note – Cheating online sportsbooks is a good way to get yourself sued or murdered.

The Basic Scam

It’s actually pretty funny how easy it is to cheat online sportsbooks. The basic idea is that you create an affiliate account with a couple of online sportsbooks and then place a large wager on both sides of one bet. Let’s say there’s a big boxing match. You bet $20,000 on Boxer A at the first sportsbook and then $20,000 on Boxer B at the second sportsbook.

What’s going to happen here is that you will break even on your wager minus the juice. I’m not going to get into math (I hate math) so forgive me for skipping the juice calculation. Anyways, you’ll end up with $0 at one sportsbook and $40,000 at the other. You’ve broken even minus whatever the juice was. Except now you have a real solid chunk of earnings in your affiliate account.

How it Works

Affiliate programs are how people like me get paid to promote online sportsbooks. Anyone can sign up for an affiliate program for free by visiting a sportsbook and looking for a link somewhere on the page that says “affiliates.”

As an affiliate, you get paid a percentage of the losses of all people you send to that sportsbook. The percentages vary, but they are around 20-40%. So let’s say all the people at your sportsbook manage to lose a collective $100,000 on a 35% deal. You would be paid $35,000 for that month. It doesn’t always work like that, though, because your sports bettors don’t always lose money.

Anyways, what you do is sign up for an affiliate account at two different sportsbooks. Let’s just assume you get a 35% deal at both books. By now, I bet you can see where this is going.

Now you will have a friend sign up through your affiliate link so he is tagged as one of your bettors. From that point on, you will get to keep 35% of all his losses. Tell your friend to sign up for an account at both sportsbooks.

(If you friend wins money, your affiliate account goes negative but you don’t actually owe anything. You’ll just sit at a negative number until your bettors bring you back to positive again. That doesn’t really matter though, because this is just a quick scam.)

Now, you give your friend $40,000. Tell him to deposit $20,000 at each sportsbook. Now, tell your friend to pick an even money bet and wager $20,000 on each side of the bet. Let’s just say it’s a boxing match this time. Your friend will now have $20,000 on Boxer A and $20,000 on Boxer B.

After the fight concludes, your friend will have $0 at one sportsbook and about $40,000 at the other sportsbook. He has broken even. You, on the other hand, have just cleared a tidy profit. Assuming you are on a 35% deal, you will have just earned $7,000 at the sportsbook that booked his losing bet. Your other affiliate account will be negative, but that doesn’t matter.

How to Get Caught

Online sportsbooks are well aware of this scam, so proceed with caution. I don’t know every trick they use to catch people who cheat online sportsbooks, but I do know of a few. First of all, you will be caught if you try to run this scam all by yourself. Sportsbooks don’t let affiliates sign up through their own links and place bets. You have to get someone else to sign up and place the wagers.

Secondly, you will be caught if your friend lives in the same city as you. The sportsbook will find it quite suspicious if someone from the same city as you signs up and deposits twenty grand. That doesn’t happen very often.

Third, you will be caught if your friend doesn’t work his way into betting big amounts. Sportsbook s are very cautious about these things. When someone signs up and makes a large deposit then suddenly wagers it all on one bet, they are going to investigate to make sure everything is legitimate.

Fourth, you will be caught if you try to run this scam at two sportsbooks that are connected. For example, and are both closely related sportsbooks. They will know instantly if you try to sign up for an account at both books.

Sportsbooks take notice of their big players and pay close attention to them. Sportsbooks want to treat their legitimate VIP players with the utmost care while also protecting themselves from cheaters. You have to make it all look as natural as possible. If you run it right, though, you just might be able to develop a long term, positive thing.

What Happens If You Get Caught

Oh boy. Don’t get caught.

You will either be in trouble with the law or you will be in trouble with the mob. That’s why I strongly recommend you don’t try this scam. That’s also why I feel just a tad leery even writing about this subject. I’m just posting this for information purposes though. Most hardcore sports bettors already know about this scam, so it’s not exactly the biggest secret in the world.

If you didn’t already know about this scam, you definitely shouldn’t try it for yourself. The problem is that if you want to get paid, you have to give them your real information… unless you can find a way to create an entirely fake identity. But if you’re smart enough to have that ability, you probably don’t need to be running sportsbook scams in the first place.

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