Casino Scam Warning for C-Planet Group

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Rushmore Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, Slotsville, Pure Vegas and Cherry Red Casino should now be considered SCAM casinos. These online gambling sites are not paying players and they refuse to offer any legitimate customer support. Do not play at the following casinos under any circumstances:

  • Rushmore Casino
  • Slotsville
  • Cherry Red Casino
  • Slots Oasis Casino
  • Pure Vegas Casino

These online casinos are all operated by the C-Planet gambling group. I stopped referring players to these casinos two years ago after reading just a few too many complaints in gambling forums. Things have gotten even worse now and it’s time to give up on these casinos for good.

Dozens of reports have been flooding in regarding the above casinos. The C-Planet gambling group was once one of the most respected brands in the industry. Key personnel left the group last year and the entire organization has gone downhill since then. Consider yourself warned.

The only time I would recommend playing at Rushmore, Slotsville, Cherry Red Casino, Slots Oasis or Pure Vegas is if you like to see the following words on your screen:

“We apologize again for this inconvenience.”

Because that’s all you’re going to see if you win much money at any of these gambling sites. Customer support has even joined the discussion at several websites, and it’s hilarious to see them in action. The operators of these casinos have a flagrant non-caring attitude regarding player issues.

For example, here’s a small excerpt from an complaint page. I’m only going to show the casino’s responses for the sake of saving room on this page. If you would like to read the entire exchange, just click on the link above.


Ok, so the casino has acknowledged the problem. That’s a start, right? Wrong! Not only does this original post have a dismissive attitude and offer no help, but it gets worse. See Exhibit B below:


So now the casino is refusing to pay all winnings to the player. Instead, the casino offers to return the original deposit only. This is hardly fair. The casino operates in a legal grey area and understands the risk it takes in accepting US customers. The player has done nothing wrong and is entitled to her winnings.

It gets worse:


Notice how the casino is already appealing to to close the thread. Fat chance – I am familiar with the owner of that website he’s a standup guy. The thread continues below:


Again, visit the link above to see this whole thread for yourself. I didn’t want to copy the entire exchange here. In any case, this should be evidence enough that C-Planet has major customer service and honesty issues. The exchange actually continues a little longer with support repeating that there is nothing it can do.

This is one of the most embarrassing examples of customer support I have ever seen in the gambling industry, and that’s saying a lot. The casino staff in this example has a terrible attitude. I would love to see this customer support “professional” talk to a customer like that in person.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incidence with the C-Planet group. There are multiple complaints at,, (thread here), (thread here) and others. Some of these players have eventually been paid months later, but those cases have not been easy to deal with.

So if you decide to play at Cherry Red Casino, Rushmore Casino, Slots Oasis, Slotsville or Pure Vegas, you might get paid and you might not. If you do get paid, it will probably be after a long, frustrating series of back and forth e-mails in which customer support tells you nothing, treats you like an idiot and delays payments for months on end.

Sure, you can say that this evidence is all hearsay, but you don’t see this much negative press around high quality gambling sites in the US or elsewhere. This is a C-Planet problem. Actually, it’s a C-Planet scam. Do not play here if you care about little things like customer support, fair treatment or, you know, money.

C-Planet was a respected casino group years ago, but it has gone way downhill. There are much better gambling sites out there right now. Do not let this story scare you away from online gambling altogether, because the best casinos pay their players quickly and treat their players with respect. The lesson to learn here is buyer beware. Do your research before you sign up and only read reviews from trusted websites that actually give you the honest truth about gambling programs.

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