Casino Games with Big Jackpots

March 4, 2014 Posted in Casino Games by No Comments

big jackpotWinning a big jackpot is one of the biggest draws of online gambling. It’s nice to win a little money here and there playing poker or betting on sports, but nothing can beat the thrill of hitting a massive casino jackpot. There are few places on the internet where you can earn a six or seven figure payday overnight.

The odds are obviously stacked against you, but that doesn’t stop people from trying every day. And it also doesn’t stop people from winning big jackpots every day. If you’re feeling lucky and want to try to win a big jackpot online, consider playing the following casino games.

1. Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slot machines have the biggest jackpots on the internet. These games are able to grow to such sizes because a small portion of every wager placed at that machine automatically goes towards the jackpot. As people from around the world play at these slot machines, the jackpots grow to enormous heights.

I have seen progressive jackpot slots go as high as several million dollars. A lucky spin at one of these games is all it takes to completely change your life. You’ll have to be extremely lucky to win a progressive jackpot, but it does happen. Just ask the 20 year old kid who won a €11,736,228 jackpot last year at an online casino.

Best casino for progressive jackpot slots:

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red is easily the best choice for those looking for slot machines with big jackpots. There are several games at this gambling site that always have six figure jackpot. Sometimes the jackpots even go as high as seven figures. Lucky Red also has a great reputation behind it, a generous welcome bonus and a few of its own table games with significant jackpots.

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2. Table Games with Jackpots

Progressive jackpot table games can also create some impressive paydays at the right casinos. The progressive jackpots at table games work in much the same way as they do at slot machines. A portion of every wager is added to an ever-growing jackpot. If you get the right combination of cards, you’ll be the latest big winner.

The jackpots for table games rarely reach the same size as the jackpots for slots. Table games simply don’t generate as much action as slot machines and therefore the jackpots don’t grow as quickly. But still, there is some serious money to be won if you know where to play.

Best casino for progressive jackpot table games:

Bovada Casino

I’ve always had a hard time finding US-friendly gambling sites with impressive table game jackpots, but Bovada has finally stepped in to fill the void. This is by far the best site for table games. At the time of this writing, the Caribbean Stud table had a jackpot worth more than $125,000.

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3. Online Keno

Keno isn’t my favorite casino game because the house advantage is huge and the odds of winning are even lower than other types of jackpots. Even so, plenty of people enjoy Keno because it’s an easy game to play and there are frequent smaller wins. If you don’t mind having the odds stacked against you, Keno is a pretty action-packed game. Lucky players who pick the right numbers at casino can easily win a five or six figure jackpot with no effort.

Best casino for online keno:

Golden Cherry Casino

Golden Cherry has the best keno payouts and the lowest house advantage. If you take a look at the charts near the bottom of this page, you’ll see that the house advantage for keno varies quite a bit from one casino to the next. You can see that Golden Cherry is the best by a long shot.

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