Finding the Best Blackjack in Vegas

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Finding the best blackjack in Vegas is no easy task. Games change regularly and it takes considerable effort to visit enough casinos in person to get a feel for where the best blackjack games are. And if you live away from Las Vegas, phone calls will only get you so far.

In an effort to avoid confusion, I’ll give you my definition of the “best” blackjack games. In my opinion, the best blackjack games are those with the most player-friendly rules. Single deck games are better than 8 deck games; 3:2 blackjack is better than 6:5 blackjack.

Table limits also play a part in determining the best places to get your blackjack on. Although I know some readers out there are high rollers, the vast majority of blackjack players stick to the lower and mid-level tables. The best blackjack tables have that perfect combination of a low house edge and reasonable betting limits.

Best Casinos on the Strip

The following casinos are the best places to play on the main Strip.


The Mirage has a 2-deck game with player-friendly rules and a very low house advantage. The best game in the Mirage has table minimums of $25 per hand. This is the best possible combination of house advantage and betting limits on the Strip.

It also helps that the Mirage is a well-run casino. You shouldn’t run into any incompetent dealers, dirty rooms or sub-part drinks. Check this one out if you’re on the Strip.


The Bellagio has a 6-deck game that stays on 17, allows doubling after splitting and re-splitting of aces. The game usually has a $25 minimum bet, although that can go up during busy times. The Bellagio has the best overall combination of player-friendly rules, betting limits and quality atmosphere in Vegas.


Luxor’s blackjack games have the lowest house advantage on the Strip but betting limits for those games start out at $100 per hand. This isn’t the casino to visit if you’re on a budget, but it’s definitely a good one for pure house advantage.

Where to get the Latest Updates

One of the difficulties in finding the best blackjack games in Las Vegas is having recent information. Vegas casinos are always changing their games and shuffling things around. Even the most comprehensive websites detailing Las Vegas blackjack can become outdated quickly.

One place I recommend you start is They have a monthly newsletter that provides up-to-date reports on what games are being played where. Real people visit the casinos in person and explain how the dealers are running the games, how many decks are in play, what kind of betting limits are offered and what rules are in effect.

I’d say that is the best source for the latest information. The only catch is that they charge $19.95 per year for access to all blackjack newsletters. In this day and age of free content, the thought of paying to read articles may be a turn-off, but I think it’s worth it. It’s tough to find recent information on just one casino, let alone multiple casinos in Vegas.

Another great resource is the Wizard of Odds blackjack survey. This page has a complete list of Las Vegas casinos, rules, house advantage and betting limits. The blackjack survey doesn’t include things such as the atmosphere or cleanliness, but it’s chock-full of raw numbers. That one is a great resource for the serious blackjack player.

One thing you’ll like about the Wizard of Odds blackjack survey is that it can be sorted according to casino name, location, number of decks, house advantage and specific rules. The sorting option will make it easy for you to find the exact types of casinos that you want.

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