Bank Transfers at UK Gambling Sites

March 30, 2014 Posted in Depositing by No Comments
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Most UK gambling sites accept bank transfers as both a deposit and withdrawal method. Several of the largest online casinos in the world have a presence in the UK and that makes them prime candidates for bank transfers. Getting started at such a casino is as easy as signing up for an account and clicking the “deposit” button.

Best UK Sites for Bank Transfers

The best UK casinos for bank transfers are UK-based sites such as Bet365 and 888. First of all, it’s cheaper and faster to send money to casinos that are located in the same country. Second, you can trust these casinos with your banking information. If I lived in the UK, I would feel much better about sending my banking details to someone with a headquarters in the UK than some gambling site in Costa Rica.

1. Bet365


Bet365 uses a bank transfer method that it developed in conjunction with ensurePay Ltd. Both Bet365 and ensurePay are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are trustworthy companies.

You can initiate a bank transfer deposit by signing into your Bet365 account and visiting the cashier to make a deposit. Choose the “bank transfer” option and Bet365 will give you a unique 13 digit number. Then, Bet365 will instruct you to transfer the funds to an ensurePay account. Quote the 13 digit number in the “reference” area and this will credit you with the deposit.

There are no fees for deposits over 500 USD or your currency equivalent. For deposits under $500, you’ll see a 3% fee. For bank transfers under $100, there may be an additional charge up to $10. In other words, this deposit method is best for large deposits.

You can make bank transfers by calling your bank, visiting in person, stopping by an ATM machine or by using your online banking system. These options may vary depending on your bank’s services.

2. 888 Casino


Bank transfers are available for 888 customers in Europe and Japan. The process here is basically the same as it is at Bet365. Log in to your 888 Casino account, visit the cashier and choose the bank transfer option. The cashier will then give you instructions for making a direct deposit to 888 Casino (also known as Casino-on-Net).

The minimum bank transfer is $20/€20/£20. There are no maximum amounts listed at the 888 website so I am assuming that means they have high deposit limits. If you ever run into a limit, give customer support a call and they’ll help you get started.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of using bank transfers at UK casinos is that they are fast and easy. In most cases, you can fill out all your information online and fund your account instantly. When you’re ready to withdraw your money, the bank transfer will send your winning straight to your bank account.

This leads to the second advantage, which is that there is no middle man. You don’t have to send your money to PayPal or some other e-wallet; the money goes straight from your bank account to your casino account. When middle men get involved, there are usually fees for using their services.

The biggest downside to using bank transfers is that it forces you to monitor your bankroll closely. Unless you have a separate bank account set aside just for gambling, your rent money, grocery money and gambling money is all mixed together in one account. If you’re not careful, you can easily deposit more money than you really should have.

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