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Tennessee policymakers are very conservative when it comes to gambling-related regulations and continue to stand against allowing any tribal or commercial casinos within the borders of the state. Pari-mutuel wagering also isn’t allowed, and if that wasn’t enough the local regulations are very prohibitive about social gambling and charity gambling events. Local businesses are prohibited from operating intrastate iGaming sites. This means that the only way to gamble in a state-regulated setting is to participate in the Tennessee lottery.

Online Gambling in Tennessee

If we were to describe Tennessee gambling regulations using only a couple of words, we’d say that they’re unreasonably prohibitive and outdated. Tennessee statutes simply fail to address the issue of online gambling, which means that the legal status of internet play is very vague and unclear.

Players who participate in unlawful land-based gambling risk facing misdemeanor charges, but there’s no way to predict whether a Tennessee courts would agree that these general regulations can be applied to people who frequent offshore gambling sites. The local authorities don’t seem to be all that interested in prosecuting individual players either, so we highly doubt that we’re going to learn the answer to this particular question in the foreseeable future.

Casinos & Sportsbooks Accepting Players From Tennessee

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Casino Games

Land-based casino games are prohibited in Tennessee, so the only way to get some action without leaving the state is to actually go online. Fortunately, we were able to find a few Tennessee-friendly states that offer a satisfying selection of slots and classic table games, while simultaneously ensuring maximum player security and offering interesting promotions and reliable software.

Sports Betting

The only way to engage in sports betting in Tennessee is to visit one of the offshore-operated online sportsbooks. Since most US-based punters use this method to wager on classic American sports such as football, hockey, baseball, basketball or even NASCAR racing and MMA, Tennessee residents simply aren’t missing out on anything important aside from local horse race betting opportunities. In fact, the sites we’ve listed here guarantee that you’ll be able to take advantage of the same promotions that are offered to the residents of Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware.


US-based players tend to play poker over the internet regardless of the state they live in, so the situation of Tennessee-based poker enthusiasts isn’t all that different from the situation of the local bettors. All in all, once you join one of the major networks listed here, you’ll start playing with people from all over the country, which means that you’ll be able to compete against them for massive tournament prizes or to enjoy the crazy 24/7 ring game action.

Online Gambling FAQ

Where can I find regulations that pertain to gambling in Tennessee?

The relevant regulations and definitions are all listed in Section 39 of the Tennessee code.

What forms of gambling are legal and regulated within the borders of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn’t allow any land based gambling with the exception of a state-controlled lottery.

What is the legal status of online gambling in Tennessee?

The local lawmakers haven’t passed any online gambling regulations yet, which means that it’s next to impossible to determine whether playing on offshore sites is legal or not without a legal precedent. The local authorities don’t try to prosecute individual internet gamblers.

Do offshore gambling sites accept Tennessee residents?

Yes, most offshore sites are perfectly fine  with accepting Tennessee-based customers.

How can I deposit to an offshore gambling site from Tennessee?

You can fund your offshore account by making a standard Visa or MasterCard payment.

How can I withdraw my money from an offshore iGaming site if I live in Tennessee?

Most offshore sites prefer to handle withdrawal request by sending a wire transfer. If you prefer a check by courier instead, you’ll usually have to let your site’s staff know in advance.

Is Tennessee planning to regulate online gambling in the future?

No. Tennessee legislators are vehemently anti-gambling, so any regulations drafted by them would most likely criminalize all forms of online play.

Gambling History – Interesting Facts

1. Tennessee used to raise funds via lotteries and raffles in order to fund public projects such as hospitals in the early 19th century.

2. Tennessee is the birthplace of Chris Moneymaker, the man who started the internet poker boom of the early nineties by winning the World Series of Poker without having a live tournament poker background.

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