Oklahoma Gambling Sites

Land-based gambling is fairly popular in Oklahoma, which is only natural in a state that has already regulated all the popular forms of real money gaming. Casino games are available at the Indian-operated gambling establishments, while pari-mutuel gambling is available at the local racetracks. Casual gamblers might be interested in Oklahoma lottery or the local charity gambling events. Unfortunately, the state lawmakers haven’t passed any iGaming legislation so far, so the local online gambling enthusiasts have to stick with the US-facing offshore sites until proper regulations of this kind are introduced.

Online Gambling in Oklahoma

Taking part in an unlawful real money game is considered a misdemeanor in Oklahoma and might result in up to 30 days in a county jail. Running an unlawful gambling operation is considered a serious crime, so the punishment is guaranteed to be significantly more severe. However, the current legal status of online play remains ambiguous, as many experts believe that those regulations don’t apply to internet activities.

The local law enforcement is yet to take action against online players as of the time of writing of this text, which seems to prove that online play is indeed allowed. However, it’s impossible to be certain whether playing on offshore sites is legal in Oklahoma until this issue is tackled by one of the local courts.

Casinos & Sportsbooks Accepting Players From Oklahoma

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Casino Games

Oklahoma Native American casinos are too numerous to list and are spread out across the entire state. The state also has two Racinos: Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs and Remington Park Racetrack & Casino. If you aren’t interested in land-based gambling, we recommend checking out the online casino sites that accept Oklahoma residents listed here.

Sports Betting

Pari-mutuel wagering is available at the local racinos as well as standard racing venues, including Fair Meadows Race Track in Tulsa and Will Rogers Downs in Claremore. None of the local facilities are allowed to offer wagers related to traditional sports and popular American leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NHL or even NCAA, so if you’re interested in putting your money on baseball or football events you should definitely consider signing up for an online sports betting account with one of the sites listed below.


Oklahoma gamblers enjoy live games, but once you check the online poker traffic statistics it becomes fairly obvious that they enjoy playing on major poker networks even more. Unlike local games, high-profile poker rooms receive enough traffic to attract new customers with lucrative bonuses, smooth cash game action all around the clock and life-changing guaranteed tournament prizes, so you should definitely consider giving them a try.

Online Gambling FAQ

Where can I find regulations that pertain to gambling in Oklahoma?

Both regulations and basic definitions are listed in Section 21 of Oklahoma Code.

What forms of gambling are legal and regulated within the borders of Oklahoma?

Oklahoma legalized all forms of gambling that are popular in the United States with the exception of online play.

What is the legal status of online gambling in Oklahoma?

It’s impossible to determine whether online play is legal or illegal without a precedent. The state doesn’t have any iGaming regulations and the local authorities don’t seem to be interested in going after internet players.

Do offshore gambling sites accept Oklahoma residents?

Yes, Oklahoma residents can play on every offshore gambling site that actually counts.

How can I deposit to an offshore gambling site from Oklahoma?

Most sites actually require you to fund your account via a debit/credit card payment. We recommend Visa and MasterCard, as those brands have proven to be extremely reliable when it comes to gambling-related banking in the past.

How can I withdraw my money from an offshore iGaming site if I live in Oklahoma?

Offshore sites usually give you a choice between a wire transfer and a check by courier, but you should keep in mind that checks are rather expensive and slow.

Is Oklahoma planning to regulate online gambling in the future?

No, Oklahoma politicians aren’t interested in modifying the current gambling-related policies.

Gambling History – Interesting Facts

1. Oklahoma lottery isn’t as old as the other state lotteries. In fact, it was created in 2004 after the local voters approved the Education Lottery Act.

2. Oklahoma tribal casinos have also been introduced recently. The gambling establishments of this type were approved in a 2004 referendum and were restricted exclusively to Class II and Class III games.

Oklahoma Gambling Resources

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