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Georgia is not a gambling-friendly state. In fact, the local lawmakers are so conservative that they decided to introduce a state-operated lottery in the early nineties, while other states passed similar regulations throughout the seventies. This means that land-based real money gaming enthusiasts don’t have all that many reasons to visit Georgia, as only charitable gambling is allowed within the borders of the state. On a brighter note, Georgia doesn’t have any prohibitive iGaming laws, which allows the local gambling enthusiasts to wager on anything they want using offshore gambling platforms.

Online Gambling in Georgia

Participating in illegal games of chance in Georgia is a misdemeanor, which means that players caught in unlicensed gambling establishments are more than likely to get off the hook with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The definition of gambling is broad enough to allow the authorities to try to apply the general regulations to online play. Furthermore, the Georgia Statutes prohibit the transfer of any wager-related information.

However, the actual risk of being charged with illegal gambling over the internet is virtually non-existent, as the state has never attempted going after individual online players. Consequently, it’s impossible to say whether the general regulations apply to offshore sites’ customers or not, as none of the possible legal interpretations have been tested in the court so far.

Casinos & Sportsbooks Accepting Players From Georgia

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Casino Games

Unfortunately, the landscape of Georgia is devoid of any brick and mortar casinos. Consequently, if you’d like to enjoy playing quality casino games including slots and popular table games such as roulette, baccarat, black jack and craps, your best bet is to visit one of the sites our experts have recommended for Georgia-based players.

Sports Betting

Georgia doesn’t offer pari-mutuel betting, but if you enjoy betting on the horses you don’t have any reason to worry – most of our Georgia friendly online sportsbooks have a dedicated racing section while simultaneously allowing you to wager on the outcome of high profile sporting events in the United States and Europe.


Finding live poker games might be somewhat difficult in Georgia. Fortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that you can now access one of the largest player pools in the entire world by joining one of the amazing Georgia-friendly online poker rooms listed here.

Online Gambling FAQ

Where can I find regulations that pertain to gambling in Georgia?

All the relevant regulations can be found in Georgia Statutes.

What forms of gambling are legal and regulated within the borders of Georgia?

Georgia allows some charitable gambling and has a state-operated lottery.

What is the legal status of online gambling in Georgia?

Online gambling isn’t regulated in Georgia and the legal status of iGaming is somewhat ambiguous, but the local authorities simply don’t prosecute individual players.

Do offshore gambling sites accept Georgia residents?

Yes, there are many offshore sites that accept new customers from Georgia.

How can I deposit to an offshore gambling site from Georgia?

Most sites will require you to use a credit or debit card. Visa and MasterCard are considered to be very reliable. American Express cards on the other hand tend to be refused from time to time.

How can I withdraw my money from an offshore iGaming site if I live in Georgia?

Withdrawal methods available to Georgia residents usually include bank wire transfer and check by courier.

Is Georgia planning to regulate online gambling in the future?

No. The local lawmakers are certain to block any iGaming-friendly legislation.

Gambling History – Interesting Facts

1. The conservative attitude towards gambling that is prevalent in Georgia is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the state launched its official lottery as late as 1992.

2. Steve Loube was the only Georgian poker player who managed to win a gold WSOP bracelet. He accomplished this feat in 2012.

Georgia Gambling Resources

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