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Alaska regulations are very conservative when it comes to gambling, which shouldn’t be all that surprising since the local populations doesn’t seem to be interested in legalizing real money games of chance within the borders of the state. In 2008 the Alaskans voted against allowing the local Indian operators to offer traditional casino games, which means that Alaska-based land-based gambling enthusiasts are pretty much limited to bingo and charitable gambling. As you’d expect, Alaska doesn’t have a regulated iGaming industry, which means that all of the sites that accept Alaska residents are based offshore.

Online Gambling in Alaska

As briefly touched on above, Alaska Statutes don’t really acknowledge the existence of online gambling, as gambling-related regulations haven’t been significantly updated in decades. This means that while the state doesn’t have any local online gambling operators, the local iGaming enthusiasts are pretty much free to join any offshore poker site, casino site or sportsbook they want. Even though the Alaska attorney general stated that online play could be considered illegal under the general land-based gaming regulations, there’s simply no denying the fact that it’d be very hard for the local authorities to prosecute an individual player. Consequently, no Alaska resident has had to deal with gambling-related charges for participating in internet games so far and it’s very unlikely for this situation to change in the foreseeable future.

Casinos & Sportsbooks Accepting Players From Alaska

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Casino Games

Alaska-based tribal gambling operators aren’t allowed to offer traditional casino games or slots – as mentioned above, they’re limited exclusively to live bingo. As a result, Alaska residents that’d like to play games like baccarat or blackjack have to go for offshore casino sites. We recommend that you stick to the sites that have already been screened by our casino experts, as they’re pretty much the only Alaska-friendly casinos that are 100% safe to play on while simultaneously giving you access to quality software and a wide range of games.

Sports Betting

Much like Alaska land-based casino enthusiasts, the local sports betting aficionados are simply out of luck. Alaska doesn’t offer any ways of betting on horse races, greyhound races or traditional sports. If you’re planning to wager on any popular American sports or to put your money on one of the international contests, you should definitely check out the list of Alaska-friendly sportsbooks which has been prepared by our sports betting staff.


While a few high-profile poker players like Perry Green or Greg Hobson actually hail from Alaska, there’s simply no denying the fact that The Last Frontier doesn’t have anything to offer to local poker enthusiasts. The state doesn’t have any regulated card rooms. So if you’re an Alaska resident and you’d like to try playing Hold’em or Omaha for real money, we recommend you to check out our list of Alaska-facing offshore poker operators, which has been recently narrowed down to include only the best sites with the highest cash game traffic and the hottest tournament action.

Online Gambling FAQ

Where can I find regulations that pertain to gambling in Alaska?

If you’re looking for specific information, you should try Alaska Statutes, Section  11.

What forms of gambling are legal and regulated within the borders of Alaska?

The only regulated forms of gambling in Alaska include charitable gambling and bingo.

What is the legal status of online gambling in Alaska?

The legal status of online gambling in Alaska isn’t clear, but the state doesn’t prosecute individual gamblers.

Do offshore gambling sites accept Alaska residents?

Yes, most of the renowned offshore sites do in fact accept Alaska-based players.

How can I deposit to an offshore gambling site from Alaska?

A credit or debit card should be enough, but you should keep in mind that some sites tend to support Western Union or MoneyGram payments.

How can I withdraw my money from an offshore iGaming site if I live in Alaska?

A wire transfer is pretty much the only reasonable option unless your site supports money orders.

Is Alaska planning to regulate online gambling in the future?

No, Alaska is an anti-gambling state and won’t regulate online gambling unless something important was to happen on the federal level.

Gambling History – Interesting Facts

1. For many years the only form of gambling allowed in Alaska was an annual contest which involved fishing, dog mushing and a wide range of other similar outdoor activities.

2. Alaska has never allowed its Native American population to host other games than bingo and is one out of seven states that don’t operate any lottery games.

Alaska Gambling Resources – Alaska gambling regulations – Alaska Department of Revenue, Tax Division

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