Safe Gambling Sites

We’ll Show You How to Find the Safest Gambling Sites Online

Do you worry about how safe it is to gamble online?

You may know plenty of people who play at online casinos, but when you start looking for a place to play it can be a little scary.

The good news is you can take some easy steps to find the safest real money gambling sites.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have no problem finding safe, dependable places to play.

The Safest Casinos/Sportsbooks You Can Join

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What Software Do They Use?

Though many gambling sites that have went bad have used popular software platforms, rarely do safe sites use software that isn’t well known.

You’ll find some casinos use a single software platform and others offer a combination of games from different software companies. Some popular casino software solutions include Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG), NextGen, Rival, IGT, and Ash Gaming. You can find others, so familiarize yourself with software options.

How Long Have They Been Operating?

I always want to know how long a casino has been in business before playing for real money. If they’ve just started I don’t trust them as much as one with a long track record, but I may still play depending on what else I can find out about them.

Some casino sites list when they started on the footer of their web site and others have information on their about page. If you can’t find out how long they’ve been in business do a quick search online or send a message to the support department.

How Fast is the Support Department?

I always like to contact the support department a few times before I start playing. It’s nice to get a feel for how fast they respond and how helpful they are.

Remember that online casinos can’t make any money until you make a deposit, so some of them quickly help with issues concerning putting money in, but are slower to help with other issues.

The safest online gambling sites usually have the best support departments. If support quickly takes care of problems and answers questions it’s a good indication of how the rest of the business is run.

Do They Have Deposit and Withdrawal Methods You Can Use?

The gambling sites have less to do with available deposit and withdrawal methods than where you live. Different jurisdictions have different financial methods available.

But it’s important to find out all of your options before playing for real money. Don’t assume you can easily make a withdrawal just because it’s easy to make a deposit.

Popular deposit methods include Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, and bank wire. Withdrawal methods often include bank wire, check, Neteller, and Skrill.

The easiest method for many players is an online wallet like Neteller or Skrill, but not all players can use them.

This is another area where the support department can help.

Who Owns the Gambling Site?

Some sites are owned by large public companies that are easy to find. Ownership of others is buried beneath layers and layers of company names and fronts.

The bad news is that some safe sites are owned by people you’ll never find and some owned by more public figures may not be as safe.

Like most of the items on this page, the ownership of a site is just one indication of safety. If you can’t find out who owns a site don’t instantly cross them off your list. It makes me look at other things about the site closer, but it doesn’t scare me by itself.

How Are the Game Pay Outs?

Does the online casino offer good pay outs and odds on the games you want to play?

Examples of things to look at include 9 / 6 Jacks or Better video poker, NSUD Deuces Wild video poker, favorable blackjack rules, and the odds bets at the craps table.

If you’re a slots player it’s more difficult to find pay back percentages, but some casinos list overall percentages on their site. Even if you can’t find these details, does the place you’re considering have the games you want to play?

Do They Offer a Player’s Club?

Offering a player’s club isn’t really an indication of safety, but I don’t play many places that don’t have one. If a gambling site is willing to offer benefits for my play, why wouldn’t I at least consider playing there before looking at places that don’t?

How Many Bad Things Can You Find Online?

Doing a search for wrongdoing by any online gambling site is risky in itself. You can find bad stories about any online casino, poker room, or sports book, that’s been in business for more than a few months.

The issue is just because someone is complaining about a gambling site online doesn’t mean it’s true.

Some people don’t read the terms and conditions of the bonus offers and then spend months trashing a company’s reputation all over the Internet when they don’t meet the requirements to cash out.

On the other hand, if you find 317 bad reviews or stories about a casino there’s a good chance the smoke will lead to fire.

I’m just saying not to trust everything you read, but use what you read to lead to deeper investigation.

Have You Read Trusted Reviews?

I possibly should have led with this one instead of placing it at the end, but I’ve always found it best to do my own investigation before counting on others. You’ll always learn more by digging around yourself than just taking someone else’s word for it.

But once you’ve done your research read the reviews for gambling sites offered by a web site you trust. Take a few minutes to read the reviews offered on this site to see if they agree with what you found in your research.


Nothing on the list above by itself is enough to consider a real money casino safe. You need to look at the answers to all the questions to get an idea of how each gambling site operates.

On the other hand, if a site really fails on one of the things listed above it may be enough for me to avoid them.

The important thing is to educate yourself before risking your money. The more you learn about each possible casino the safer you’ll be.