Real Money Gambling Sites

Locate the Best Sites for Real Money Gambling

Do you know the difference between a real money gambling site and a free gambling site?

The first answer that probably pops into your mind is one lets you play for real money and one lets you play for free. Did you know most real money sites also let you play for free?

If you’re a free games player why do you care about any of this?

Real money gambling sites offer the best gaming experience if you’re playing for free or cash. Free games sites only have a few ways to make money and they can’t afford to invest as much in research and development so overall their games aren’t as good as the ones offered by real money gambling sites.

Free sites usually show ads or use your personal information in other ways to make money. Some of them try to get you to buy in game upgrades to turn a profit.

When you combine these negatives with inferior game play, I can’t find any reason you should waste your time with free games companies.

Here’s some information about finding the best real money gambling sites.

Why Where you Live Matters

When you want to find a real money gambling web site your options depend on where you live. You’ll probably be able to find sites that will take your action no matter where you live, but some sites only operate in certain jurisdictions.

For example, Microgaming casinos don’t operate in some countries, including the United States, but many Real Time Gaming casinos do offer games to US customers.

Real money casinos offer the most options in different countries, with sports books coming in a close second. The availability of online poker is spotty in some countries, but in others you have plenty of options.

Poker Sites

Real money poker sites expanded rapidly in the 2000’s during the poker boom, with the top sites approaching 100,000 players online at peak hours. I remember bonus hunting at over 20 different online poker rooms in a single year.

Now I have less than a handful of viable options for real money online play.

Some players have more options than I do because of where I live, but the biggest problem with poker is the site has to have enough traffic to support the games. A company can open an online casino or sports book and players can place bets whether other players are on the site or not. But a poker site needs at least two players willing to play the same game at the same level, and most players won’t play at a table with less than five or six players.

Casino Sites

Real money casino sites are available to players in almost every country. I mentioned that I have less than a handful of poker options, but I probably have over 100 different options when it comes to online casino play.

The important things to find out about real money casinos are how safe they are, which I cover below, if they have the games you want to play, and if you can make deposits and withdrawals easily.

Real money casinos use either a stand-alone software platform or one made up of games from a variety of casino software companies. One way isn’t always better than another, but it does change the games available.

If you like to play blackjack or video poker you might not see much difference between what one online casino offers and what another offers, but if you play slots you can see a wide difference between two different casinos.

See the casino reviews section on this site to learn more about what’s offered by different casinos.

Sports Books

Real money sports books are the only kind I’ve seen. You might be able to find one that lets you place fake bets, but what’s the difference between doing that and just writing them down on paper?

Sports betting laws are different in most places than casino and poker laws so finding real money sports books might be different than finding casinos or poker rooms. I have access to dozens of sports books and have accounts at two different ones.

Some casinos also have sports books, but some are stand-alone operations. You need to follow the same general guidelines when looking for a sports book as you do when you look for a casino.

Is It Safe?

Real money gambling sites are safe as long as you follow a few simple steps to find ones that have a proven track record of customer service and taking care of their players. You can find gambling sites that aren’t safe, but if you use a little common sense you shouldn’t have any problem.

Before you learn how to find the safest real money gambling sites you need to make sure you never play with money you can’t afford to lose. You never know what can happen when you send money online so don’t take a chance with money you may need for rent or food.

The first thing to do is read in depth reviews on web sites you trust. The reviews on this site are the best place to start. Look for casinos that offer the games you want and have bonuses available that can increase your starting bankroll. Pick three or four different software platforms so you can experience a variety of game options.

Check out the deposit and withdrawal methods available where you live for each of the gambling sites you picked. Send a message to the support department if it’s not clear what you can use. How fast they get back to you with an answer can be an indication of their customer service.

I have to admit though, I’ve played at many online gambling sites with below average response times that offer safe and worry free play so it doesn’t always spell doom.


Finding safe real money gambling sites is fairly easy. Your options vary based on where you live and what you want to play, but by using sites like this you can find places to play.