Windows Gambling Sites

Finding the Best Sites for Microsoft Windows Gambling

When you hear Windows when it has anything to do with a computer what do you think of?

Most people instantly think of Microsoft Windows, the operating system software made by the huge company started by Bill Gates. That may lead you to think that a page about Windows gambling sites would have something to do with casino games played on computers using Windows software.

This page is actually about mobile gambling sites for devices that use the Windows mobile software. These devices are usually called Windows phones or Windows tablets.

As a side note, there’s actually an online casino called Windows Casino that has been around since the late 1990’s. It’s interesting that they’ve been able to use the name all these years, because they don’t have anything to do with Microsoft or their software.

It used to have a terrible reputation but I haven’t heard much about it recently. With all of the safe and trusted options available, I wouldn’t play there without doing a ton of research. It’s easier to play somewhere safe like the online casinos reviewed elsewhere on this site. The only reason I mention it is to be clear that it’s not what I’m covering on this page.

Phones or Tablets

Windows gambling sites are online casinos that have developed mobile applications that work on phones or tablets using Windows.

What’s the difference between gambling on Windows phones and tablets?

To keep things somewhat simplified, everything really falls into one of two categories. Phones are in one category and everything with a larger screen that’s still mobile capable is in another category.

I admit I really don’t know the difference between a tablet and a notebook and a lap top. To me they’re the same thing. They all have bigger screens than cell phones and can be used on the go.

One area where you can find a difference is most apps are designed for phones and tablets, not lap tops and notebooks. I’m sure someone smarter than me may be able to get an app to work on a lap top but I’ve never been able to make it work. Of course if you have a lap top you can access bigger and better software solutions so running an app isn’t usually a concern.

Online gambling sites create software called apps for mobile devices based on the operating system. The most common operating systems are iOS, used by Apple devices, and Android. Almost every online gambling site that offers mobile gaming has an app for these two operating systems. Many gambling sites also have a Windows options, but not all do.

When you find a gambling site that offers an app for Windows devices you’ll be able to use it on your Windows phone or tablet.

If you have a Windows tablet offering a larger screen than your Windows phone you might be able to gamble at sites designed for lap tops and desk top computers. You’ll need to find software solutions designed to work in your browser instead of as downloads, but many gambling sites have these.

Some places call them flash gambling sites and others call them no download. They were originally designed so people could play without downloading any software. This let Mac users start gambling online because all of the download packages were designed for Windows computers.

Finding a Windows Gambling Site

Do you already play poker or casino games at an online casino?

If you do, that’s the best place to look for a Windows gambling option. You’ll probably be able to use the same account you already use for your regular online play.

When you start looking for a new Windows casino, sports book, or poker room the first thing to do is read reviews from a trusted site. You need to find a safe site first, and then focus on the games you want to play.

Look through the reviews listed on this site to find a few casinos you want to try. Then see if they have a Windows device option. You can find this on the main page of the web site or in the mobile section.

The Future of Windows Devices

No one knows the future of Windows phones and tablets, but they’ve been slow to grab much of the market share.

Many predicted that Windows devices would challenge Apple and Android devices because they’re backed by Microsoft, but they still rank a far third behind the big two.

It’s always dangerous to count Microsoft out, so it’s still possible they could give their mobile division a big push. But if you’re considering a new cell phone or tablet for gambling on the go, I’d stick with an Android or Apple device at this time. You’ll have many more options for poker, sport book, or casino games play on either of these systems.


Windows gambling sites are available at many online casinos, but you may have to look a little harder than other mobile users. Once you find a Windows casino, poker room, or sports book you’ll be able to enjoy the same great game action as other mobile users.