iOS Gambling Sites

iPad and iPhone Gambling Sites

iOS is the name used to describe phones and tablets that use the Apple operating system. iPhones and iPads are iOS devices.

The reason it’s important to differentiate iOS gambling sites from Android, Windows, and Blackberry sites is because the same software applications, or apps, won’t work across the various platforms.

People who want to gamble on an iPad or iPhone have to find an online gambling site that offers a specific app for devices using the iOS operating system.

Don’t panic if this seems a little bit technical or above your head.

You don’t have to know what any of this means or how it works. Just follow the step by step instructions I’ve put together below and you can get started on an iOS gambling web site in no time.

How to Get Started

I’ve written the rest of the instructions making the assumption you have an Apple device. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, visit one of the other pages on this site covering Android gambling, Windows gambling, or Blackberry gambling.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to do. Do you want to place bets on sports, bet on horses, play poker, find a slots game, play blackjack, or find a different casino game?

If you’re coming straight form a live casino environment to mobile play you might think online casinos are like the ones in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas you can walk into many casinos and play poker, enjoy casino games, and place bets on sporting events.

Most online and mobile gambling sites are designed separately. Even the ones that offer all three services tend to have them available using three different software platforms instead of one.

This isn’t really an issue because it’s fairly easy to have three different apps on your iOS device if you want to have a poker room, sports book, and casino.

Now that you’ve decided what you want to do, you need to visit the gambling site where you want to play. Not all sites offer solutions for iOS users.

Start your research with the idea of finding three or four quality online gambling sites and then see which of them offer iOS gambling. Look for the list of supported operating systems along the bottom of the main web site or in a mobile section on the site.

Once you find the right section look for the instructions for iOS users. It may say iPad or iPhone instead of iOS, but either one should work.

After you follow the instructions and get the app all you have to do is sign up for an account and get started. You can make a deposit by visiting the cashier area of the app and then pick a game or actions form the main area or lobby.

You can use the same app from the iOS gambling site on your iPad and iPhone to play.

iPad users also have other options when it comes to gambling. The iPhone has a smaller screen than the iPad so you’ll have to stick with the available apps.

But if you have an iPad the larger screen lets you play at some gambling sites where you can’t play on your phone. You’ll have to have an Internet connection and find an online casino, poker room, or sports book, that offers a flash, no download, or browser based solution.

Many online gambling sites offer these solutions so Mac users can gamble and iPads are usually big enough to use these larger platforms.

All you have to do is open the browser on your iPad and visit the online gambling site to start playing. Sign up for an account and open the site in your browser to get started.

Why Can’t I Use the iTunes Store?

When you start looking for an iOS gambling site your first thought will probably be to visit the iTunes store.

Apple and Macintosh have done everything in their power to brainwash you into thinking the only possible solutions and apps are all found in the iTunes store. This is an excellent marketing message, but in the case of finding the best iOS gambling sites it’s the last place you want to look.

You can find a wide range of casino and poker games in the iTunes store but none of them have the same development and backing you’ll find in the mobile gambling available from real money gambling sites.

Even when you plan to play free blackjack or slots you should still find a real money gambling site if you want the best games.

Real money iOS gambling sites put a great deal of money and time into making the best mobile solutions possible. They understand the large amount of money available to successful operators so they want to offer the best solutions.

Free gaming companies put out some nice games but they don’t stand to make as much money as real money gambling sites so which do you think puts more effort into producing the best options?

In addition, if you decide to try your hand at real money blackjack or poker you’ll need a real iOS gambling site. Sign up and play for free to see how you like the app. Most iOS sites offer a sign up bonus of some sort, so when you do start betting real money you’ll get a boost for your bankroll.

If you get a bonus make sure you read about it so you know how to clear it. Clearing a bonus is when you meet all the conditions so you can cash out.


While not every poker room, sports book, and casino offers solutions for iOS users, more and more are being released all the time. Even if your favorite gambling site doesn’t offer an app, you can find another safe place to play with a little research. Start with the solutions recommended on this site and you’ll be sure to find a good option quickly.