Mac Gambling Sites

Find Mac-Friendly Online Casinos, Sportsbooks & Poker Sites

Mac users from around the world have many options to find gambling sites to fill all of their wagering needs.

Below I cover some of the popular games and other things associated with Mac gambling sites. Here are a few things I cover:

  • Mac Casinos
  • Mac Sports Books
  • Mac Poker Rooms
  • Casino Games
  • Mac Poker
  • Mac Blackjack
  • Mac Slot Machines

What’s So Special?

The main reason Mac gambling sites are listed differently than general gambling sites is some online casinos, poker rooms, and sports books don’t support Mac users.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re not alone. The Mac community has plenty of owners who want to gamble online just like the Windows market. Why wouldn’t the online and mobile casinos want a piece of this market?

For the most part they do want to be in the Mac gambling market. You’ll find many online casinos offering options for Mac users and more are developing solutions every day.

Mac users have a tough time using the same software options that Windows users have, so they need to have gambling sites that use a no download technology like flash or another browser based option.

If Mac users can’t access any of these options they can attempt to use a Windows emulator product, but I rarely read good things about these options for Windows based online casinos. You don’t want to run the risk of something going wrong playing at an online casino, especially if you’re playing for real money.

Where to Find a Mac-Compatible Gambling Site

Each of these casinos/sportsbooks have Mac-compatible options so you can gamble online for real money.

RankGambling SiteNew Player BonusVisit Site
1. Bovada Casino100% up to $3000Play Now
2. Wild Casino100% up to $5000Play Now
3. Ignition Casino100% up to $2000Play Now
4. BetUS Casino125% up to $3125Play Now
5. Las Atlantis Casino280% up to $14000Play Now
6. Casino300% up to $5000Play Now
7. Café Casino500% up to $5000Play Now
8. Lucky Red Casino400% up to $4000Play Now
9. BetOnline Casino100% up to $3000Play Now
10. Buzzluck Casino250% + $75 Free on Bitcoin depositsPlay Now


Most Mac gambling sites offer blackjack. Even popular poker rooms and sports books tend to offer blackjack for their players.

Mac blackjack plays the same as any other type. If you have more than one option for blackjack take a quick look at the house rules. Often they vary from online casino to online casinos. If you play at the one offering better rules you’ll reduce the house edge a little bit.


Online gambling sites were fairly quick to come up with solutions for their casino games for Mac users, but it seemed like it took forever for many good Mac poker rooms to open.

Depending on where you live you may still have trouble finding good options for poker on your Mac.


Mac slots are one of the most popular games on the list. It doesn’t matter if you play slots for real money or for free, if you use a Mac you won’t have any trouble finding great slot machine action.

Find the best Mac gambling web sites offering slots by checking where you play now to see if they have a Mac option or find a new online casino that has no download, flash, or instant play.


When you play Mac roulette at online gambling sites always play on a wheel that doesn’t have the double zero. Most Mac casinos offer single zero wheels, but they usually call them European or French wheels. American or US wheels have both a zero and a double zero space.


Mac craps isn’t as much fun as playing with a group of friends at your nearest casino, but it can help hold you over until your next casino trip.

The game plays the same online as it does at a local casino except the software rolls the dice instead of the players

Video Poker

Video poker is a popular game for players in both land based and online casinos. Mac video poker is available in most online casinos and offers a game with a low house edge.

Make sure you know the best pay charts for each game and compare the ones available at two or three different Mac gambling sites to find your best options.


Mac baccarat isn’t as popular in some countries as others, but almost every online casino that offers Mac compatibility offer baccarat.

The Asian gambling culture focuses a great deal on baccarat, so many high roller baccarat rooms around the globe are filled with them. Online casinos don’t want to miss out on this popular section of potential players so they tend to offer the game even where it isn’t wildly popular.

Sports Books

The nice thing about finding Mac sports books is most of them are web browser based so you don’t usually have to worry about compatibility. If you have any worries or concerns you can contact support before you sign up for an account, but you usually don’t have anything requiring a download so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Mac Gambling Versus Mobile Gambling

Mac gambling is related to playing on your Macintosh computer, whether it’s a desk top or lap top. Mobile gambling covers the devices you take outside your home like iPads and iPhones.

Macintosh and Apple are heavily involved in both the in home and on the go markets, but the two don’t really cross over much when it comes to gambling sites.

Some Mac gambling sites also offer games for mobile devices, but most of them are focused on the in home market. (Of course this market includes many work computers in offices and other businesses, but most businesses frown on gambling while you’re on the clock so I don’t mention them much.)

The difference gets fuzzy when people start taking their lap tops out of the house and use them with Wi-Fi or mobile hot spots and when people use their phones and tablets (or iPads) like regular computers.

The great news is you can find and use Mac gambling sites based on your needs instead of labels placed on things by others. Call it whatever you want, but don’t stop until you find the gambling solutions you need for your Mac or other device.


Don’t let the fact you use a Mac computer stand in the way of finding great gambling sites. Casino players, sports bettors, and poker players can play their favorite games and place their bets 24 hours a day.