Poker Strategy

The aim of this poker strategy guide is to teach you how to really win at poker. There are lots of poker strategy websites out there, but it seems like most of them just regurgitate the same old, tired principles time after time. Instead, I will explain to you what it truly takes to win.

If you’re new to poker, don’t worry; I’m still going cover all the fundamentals you need to know. But I’m going to do it in a way that makes sense and that makes it easy to apply to real money poker games. I can still remember what it was like getting started as new players, back when terms like “expected value” and “reverse implied odds” sounded like gibberish.

As this poker strategy guide progresses, we will delve into more and more advanced topics. These topics, however, will be explained in a down-to-earth manner with the goal of making it as easy to comprehend as possible. As you will come to find out, many “complicated” poker concepts aren’t actually so complicated after all.

No Limit Ring Games

This part of is devoted purely to no limit Holdem ring games. I’ll be adding a tournament section soon, but let’s begin now with no limit ring games. This guide is divided up by topics for your browsing pleasure.

Some of these topics are very basic and others are a little more advanced. Feel free to check out any section or just read through the whole poker strategy guide from start to finish.

No Limit Tournament Strategy

This section is devoted purely to no limit Holdem tournaments. Tournaments are popular among novices, and that means there is some easy money to be made. The thing about poker tournaments is that even if you are a great tournament player, you can experience long dry stretches between major tournament wins.

The good news is that if you learn proper poker tournament strategy and stick with it, you’ll come out victorious in the long run. Both online and live tournaments can be used to make a lot of money. It just requires patience, dedication and an intimate knowledge of poker tournament strategy.

  • Introduction to No Limit Tournaments
  • Bankroll Management for Poker Tournaments
  • Early Stage Tournament Strategy
  • Middle Stage Tournament Strategy
  • Late State Tournament Strategy
  • Building a Chip Stack
  • Playing for First Place
  • Dealing with Bad Beats

Strategy Resources is hardly the only place to go for poker strategy. There are many websites, books, DVDs and training courses out there for you to study even more poker information. Make sure you check out a few different resources for poker strategy. Everyone has their own take on the game, and there is a lot of great information out there.

One of the best places to get great poker strategy are online poker forums. Poker forums let real poker players meet up, discuss strategy, analyze hands and talk shop. Some of the internet’s biggest winners in poker learned nearly everything they know by participating in discussion forums.

Two online poker forums that stand out specifically include:

There are also some pretty solid poker strategy websites out there. You will have to sort through a lot of junk, though, because many “poker strategy” websites are thin on content and simply regurgitate the same old junk you can find anywhere. Here are a couple of solid strategy websites: