Wirecard Casinos

Wirecard (previously know as Click2Pay) is an online payment solution and e-wallet that works in a style similar to PayPal. It’s a highly trusted payment system that is used by online casinos around the world. It’s simple, secure and very convenient. If you need to fund a real money gambling account, I suggest you give Wirecard a shot.

Wirecard casinos can process both deposits and withdrawals with your Wirecard account. Once you have a Wirecard account, you can use it to move your money to and from most online casinos. One of the advantages to using Wirecard is that you do not have to send your banking information to casinos. All you need is your personal account number.

How Wirecard Works

Visit Wirecard.com to create an account if you don’t have one already. Once you have a Wirecard account, you can fund that account with money from your bank. You can send funds to Wirecard via credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer. Wirecard acts as an online wallet for the money that you deposit.

Wirecard  also gives you the option to skip the funding process entirely. Once you have set up a payment method with Wirecard, you can deposit directly to the casino site of your choice using one of those payment methods. The money will move straight from your credit card or bank account to the casino site.

You can initiate a deposit at any Wirecard casino by logging into your casino account and visiting the cashier. Select the “Wirecard ” option in the cashier’s area and follow the instructions to deposit. You can use funds from your Wirecard account or just use Wirecard to send money straight from your bank account to the online casino.

When you’re done gambling, you can use Wirecard as a cashout method at your casino site. The casino will send the money to your Wirecard account. From there, Wirecard will send your money to you via bank transfer, a Wirecard debit card or a paper cheque.

Wirecard Fees

Gambling sites do not charge any fees for using Wirecard. The service is completely free on that end.

Wirecard does charge a 3% fee when you fund your Wirecard account with a credit card. You can avoid that fee by using an ACH or EFT bank transfer. This solution is the best because it avoids fees and works quickly.

Withdrawal fees are based on how you choose to receive your Wirecard cash. Wire transfers, ACH bank transfers and Ukash payments are all free. Wirecard can also send you a debit card for 10 Euro or a paper cheque for 20 Euro.

Wirecard Funding Times

If you already have funds in your Wirecard account, you can deposit instantly to any online casino.

If you need to fund your Wirecard account, credit card deposits appear instantly. Bank transfers can take up to 3 business days to appear in your Wirecard account.

Does Wirecard Accept USA Customers?

Wirecard does not accept USA customers. The service did accept customers from the United States several years ago, but it has since stopped accepting new accounts from the US. Old US account holders can still use Wirecard, but they do not accept new registrations from the US.

If you live in the US and would like an alternate payment method, there are many other options listed on the main casino deposits page.