MasterCard Casinos

One method for funding your real money gambling account is by depositing with a MasterCard credit card or debit card. MasterCard casinos are popular in the United States and abroad because millions of people own a MasterCard of some sort. It’s one of the easiest ways to deposit and it costs nothing to use.

Depositing in the United States

Players from the United States have a limited number of deposit options thanks to the UIGEA. Fortunately, MasterCard is accepted at some USA-friendly gambling sites. Not all USA casinos accept MasterCard, but the ones mentioned above do.

The MasterCard casinos that are listed above do accept MasterCard deposits, but some players have their deposits declined. If that happens to you, you can blame your bank. Although the UIGEA was written poorly and has not been implemented in any meaningful way, some banking institutions have played it safe by blocking all credit card transactions to gambling sites.

This probably won’t happen to you, but it is a possibility. The good news is there are a couple ways around this little issue. The easiest way to get around blocked MasterCard deposits is to try a different credit card. You can also call the casino support team and sometimes they are able to manually approve credit card payments.

If that doesn’t work, you can always choose a different deposit method. I know it’s kind of a pain to have your heart set on depositing with a MasterCard and have to switch, but you can thank your helpful government for that. In the end, there’s always a way to fund your gambling account.

Pros and Cons of MasterCard Gambling

The biggest advantage of playing at a MasterCard casino is that you can fund your account instantly. You don’t have to set up a separate account with an e-wallet such as Moneybookers or Neteller. MasterCard deposits are credited instantly and you can start playing the same day that you deposit.

Convenience is another big factor behind the popularity of MasterCard online gambling. All you have to do is open your wallet and pull your card out. If your wallet is within reach, you don’t even need to get out of your computer chair to deposit.

A third advantage of MasterCard gambling online is that your deposits are processed free of charge. There are no middlemen between your credit card and your casino account. MasterCard might charge your casino site a fee to accept deposits, but you don’t have to pay anything. The amount you choose to deposit is exactly what you end up with in your player account.

The biggest disadvantage of playing at MasterCard casinos is that it is almost too easy to deposit. In this way, convenience is both a pro and a con. If you tend to get carried away with real money gambling, the ease of depositing with a MasterCard can get you in trouble. Make sure you keep a close eye on your gambling habits and quit when you reach your stop loss limit.

The only other disadvantage of using MasterCard as a payment method is that some players from the United States have their transactions blocked (see above). This doesn’t happen often, but it’s disappointing for those that do have their deposits blocked.