Real Money Blackjack

Play “21” Games Online for Real Money

Do you remember the last time you looked down at the blackjack table and saw an ace and a ten value card?

Did you shout “blackjack!” or were you able to contain your excitement and quietly collect your winnings?

I don’t find anything except winning a big poker hand as exciting in the casino as hitting a blackjack. Getting $30 on a $20 bet almost seems unfair, but I’ll sure take as many of them as I can get.

Of course if you’re not playing real money blackjack it just doesn’t feel the same.

Most players who visit this page are looking for online real money blackjack play, but some are interested in mobile blackjack or play in a local casino.

I’ve put together some tips and tricks for everyone below dealing with playing 21 games for real money.

Basic Strategy

Blackjack offers a low house edge and the chance to win as many playing sessions as just about any game found in a casino.

But you have to either memorize the best basic strategy or use a strategy card in order to keep the house edge as low as possible. It’s important to play with a low house edge to make your bankroll last as long as possible and to have the best chance to win any particular real money blackjack session.


The rules change the expected house edge, so you need to learn what real money 21 games online have the best rules.

To do this you need to learn the most important rules so you can find games offering more favorable rules.

The most important rule is don’t ever play a blackjack game that pays less than 3 to 2 for a blackjack. Any smaller pay out makes the game so bad that you can’t come close to a fair game.

When the dealer stands on a soft 17 it’s a little better for you than when she hits a soft 17. This one isn’t a huge deal, but if you have the choice play on a stand on soft 17 table.

The more times you can split and double the better. Being allowed to double on any two cards and split up to four hands or more are favorable rules for the player.

Any blackjack game that lets you surrender for half your bet is also favorable for you.


Blackjack and 21 games have as many variations as any game in the casino. You can find dozens of possible side bets and games like Spanish 21 that use the basic rules but add or subtract rules or features.

Some of these bets and games offer a low house edge and a chance to hit a nice win, but unless you’ve studied the bet or game and understand the best strategy you shouldn’t play.

If you know how to play Spanish 21 correctly it can offer an even lower house edge than blackjack, but if you use your normal blackjack strategy you’ll be in bad shape.

Don’t play new versions of 21 or side bets unless you know the best strategy.


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in a local casino or online, if you play real money blackjack you should get comps when you play. Sign up for a player’s club card before doing anything else.

If you’re playing online see if you need to sign up to start earning comps. A few online casinos don’t have comp programs, so if your favorite casino doesn’t you might want to check out another one who offers their players more.

Some online casinos offer bigger bonuses instead of offering a comp system, so just because a casino doesn’t have a comp system doesn’t mean you should rule them out without looking at everything they offer.


Mobile 21 games are available from almost as many places as regular online blackjack games. You can play on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows devices, and Blackberry phones.

Real money blackjack mobile play starts the same place you find other online casino games. Take a look at the reviews on this site, visit the casino main page, and navigate to the mobile section. Check the list of games to make sure they have a mobile 21 game, but most have at least one blackjack option.


Land based casinos don’t give many bonuses for real money play, but online and mobile blackjack casinos usually have a nice sign up bonus.

One thing you have to watch for with online casinos is they advertise big bonuses but they don’t always let you play blackjack to clear them. You can find bonuses that let you play blackjack, but don’t assume a bonus is for playing blackjack without reading all the terms first.

Even worse, some places won’t let you use the bonus for other games once you start playing blackjack. It only takes a couple minutes to ask the support department and / or read all the conditions so don’t make a mistake.

If you do find a nice real money blackjack bonus you’ll have to meet the play through requirements before processing a cash out. The good news is you can play over a hundred hands per hour online so clearing a bonus can go quickly.

If you have to play $10,000 worth of bets and play 100 hands per hour, you only need to bet $20 a hand for 5 hours, $50 a hand for 2 hours, or $100 a hand for an hour.


If you want to play 21 games online for real money or play real money blackjack in a local casino use the tips above to get the best deal and extend your bankroll.

The most important advice on the page is finding the best rules and always using the best strategy. If you do these two things every time you play it can easily double the amount of time you can play on a set bankroll.