Mobile Blackjack

Play Real Money Mobile 21

Do you ever wish you could play blackjack instantly, no matter where you were at the time?

I remember many times sitting in a waiting room wishing I had something to help me pass the time. I started carrying a book with me most of the time, but the thought of playing a few hands of blackjack crossed my mind a few times.

Over the past couple decades your blackjack options have went from where you were forced to play the only game in town, or the one closest to your town, to being able to play almost anywhere at any time.

Before the Internet became popular you had to find a place that offered blackjack games, which almost always meant traveling. You may have had to drive to the nearest casino or you may have had to get on a plane and fly.

As the Internet grew a new opportunity for blackjack play became available. Online casinos started popping up and all of a sudden you could play blackjack from the comfort of your home. All you had to do was turn on your computer, log onto the Internet, sign up for an online casino and start playing blackjack.

While this was a great advancement over getting ready and heading out to the nearest casino, you still has to stay where your computer and Internet connection were located.

Even when you could create a wireless system in your home and access it with a lap top you were still stuck within 100 feet or so of the house.

This all changed when online casinos started realizing how many millions of potential players were using their cell phones and tablets all the time. Casinos started making their most popular games, like blackjack, available through special software packages called apps. Now you can play blackjack on the go. This is called mobile blackjack.

How Mobile Blackjack Works

Mobile blackjack works by using special software programs designed for cell phones called apps.

It can get somewhat technically involved to learn exactly how apps are made and how they work, but most of us only need to know how to use them.

An app is like a link to a software program that works on the small screen of your cell phone. So when you get an app that lets you play mobile blackjack it’s not much different than when you play a browser based blackjack game on your regular computer.

When you start using mobile devices larger than cell phones like tablets you can use the same apps you use on your cell phone or you can play no download blackjack games offered by online casinos.

The main problem with flash or browser based casino games is they don’t work well on the small screens on most phones. You can usually access the games through a browser on your phone but can’t play because of the size issue.

Tablets get around the size problem because they have larger screens. To play mobile blackjack on a tablet either load an app designed for the operating system running your device or use your browser to log onto a no download casino option. I cover operating system options in the next section.

Mobile Options

Your options for mobile blackjack depend on the operating system your phone or tablet uses. The two most popular systems are Android and iOS. iOS is the system used by Apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

You can also find mobile devices that use a Windows system and others that use a Blackberry system. Depending on the statistics you choose to believe, Windows and Blackberry only control 20% or less of the mobile market combined, with Apple and Android devices controlling the rest of the market. Some estimates put the combined market share of Android and Apple closer to 90%.

The main thing you need to know before you can play mobile blackjack is you have to find an online casino app designed for the device you use.

The same app won’t work on an Android device and an iPhone. You can usually play the same casino games on both devices if the same casino has developed apps for both type of devices, but you’ll have to use two different apps.

You don’t find the best apps for real money mobile blackjack play in app stores or app markets.

The best blackjack apps are available directly from the online casinos that support them. You need to visit the main web site of the casinos where you want to play and find the mobile gambling section. Find the section that covers your device and follow the instructions on how to get the app.

Some of them require you to navigate to a certain page using your mobile device and others will send you a link via text message or email to access using your cell phone or tablet.

Here’s why you want to go straight to the casinos instead of just picking a blackjack app from an app store.

You can find plenty of options to play blackjack using apps in the iTunes store or one of the Android market places. The problem is none of these games offer real money play and none of them are designed by companies with as much to gain as the online casinos.

You might not think how much a company stands to gain has much to do with the quality of their games, but doesn’t it make sense that the companies that make the most money can afford to develop better games?

The online casinos spend a great deal of time and money developing their mobile casinos and blackjack games, so even if you just plan to play for free you should use their games instead of the free ones in the app stores.


You have more options for mobile blackjack play than ever before. Your choices are expanding all the time and look like there’s no end in sight. If you haven’t tried a great blackjack game on your tablet or phone, take a few minutes and give it a try. Before you know it you’ll be passing the time while waiting for your next appointment by trying to hit 21.