What Is EZ Voucher and Where Can I Get It?

June 4, 2013 Posted in Depositing by No Comments

EZ Voucher is a deposit method used primarily by USA friendly gambling sites. And to clear up any confusion, EZ Voucher is also known as “PasteandPay.” They are one and the same.

Anyways, EZ Voucher is a similar to a virtual prepaid gift card. It works just like any other gift card except you can buy it online and then use it to make a deposit at a gambling site.

Casinos that Accept EZ Voucher

The EZ Voucher deposit method is used primarily by USA-friendly gambling sites. However, not all casinos accept this form of payment. The best casino sites that accept real money EZ Voucher deposits include the following:

How it Works

When you choose this deposit method from your casino’s cashier, you’ll be directed to PasteandPay.com. At the PasteandPay website, you can purchase your prepaid voucher.

They’ll ask you to sign up for an account, verify your identity and then give you options for purchasing your voucher. The voucher comes with a 36-digit number that you can then redeem at your casino. The funds will be instantly deposited to your gambling account.

All in all, it’s a pretty simple process. Buy a voucher, log in to your casino and redeem the voucher. You can also choose how much of your voucher to deposit. For example, you could purchase a $200 voucher and either deposit all of it at once or deposit some of it now and some of it later.

The one thing to know is that you will have to verify your identity with the EZ Voucher website. After you create your account, they will ask you to scan and e-mail them a copy of your ID or passport and a copy of a recent utility bill.

After you verify your identity once, you can use EZ Voucher to deposit as often as you like. There are no fees associated with EZ Voucher, so it’s always free on your end. All in all, it’s a pretty easy-to-use deposit method.

Why Use EZ Voucher?

There are a couple of reasons people use EZ Voucher to deposit at gambling sites. One of the primary reasons is that EZ Voucher deposits are more reliable than straight-up credit card deposits. Banking regulations in the United States sometimes cause US credit cards to be rejected when depositing at casinos. This isn’t an issue when using EZ Voucher.

Additionally, EZ Voucher serves as a buffer between your payment information and your online casinos. When you deposit with a voucher, you do not have to give the casino your credit or debit card number. The only thing the casino sees is the 36 digit on your prepaid voucher.