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New Hampshire isn’t all that conservative when it comes to state-level regulations pertaining to playing games of chance for money. However, The Granite State isn’t very popular among casino-style gaming enthusiasts, as it simply doesn’t have any traditional brick and mortar gambling establishments. The only way to play poker or blackjack in a regulated land-based setting is to visit one of the local racetracks, which are allowed to offer basic games of this kind. As you’d expect, pari-mutuel betting is also an option. New Hampshire operates its own lottery, but the issue of online gambling hasn’t been tackled by the local lawmakers so far.

Online Gambling in New Hampshire

Taking part in real money games hosted by unlicensed operators is illegal in New Hampshire. Offenders can expect misdemeanor charges when caught, but as you’d expect the local statutes fail to address the issue of online gambling directly. Consequently, some people argue that the general regulations can’t be applied to the bets that have been placed over the internet, while others believe that they do in fact extend to online play.

To add to the confusion, the local authorities have never acknowledged the existence of New Hampshire-based online gamblers, which obviously means that no players have been charged with a gambling-related misdemeanor so far. This means that it’s impossible to determine the legal status of offshore sites until this issue is settled by a New Hampshire court. All things considered, the local iGaming enthusiasts simply don’t seem to be in any immediate danger at this point in time.

Casinos & Sportsbooks Accepting Players From New Hampshire

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Casino Games

As briefly touched on above, the only way to play regulated casino-style games in New Hampshire is to visit one of the local race tracks, such as the Rockingham Park. Quite obviously, this isn’t enough to satisfy a dedicated casino aficionado. Fortunately, if you’re looking for more action, many quality offshore sites will be more than happy to accommodate you. The sites we recommend are all listed below – our advice is to give them all a try before you start looking for something less mainstream on your own.

Sports Betting

Rockingham Park is also where the New Hampshire pari-mutuel horse race betting facilities are. However, betting on standard sports like football, basketball or baseball is possible exclusively via offshore sportsbooks. Fortunately, all of the high-profile sites of this kind accept New Hampshire residents. The complete list of those sportsbooks can be found below.


New Hampshire-based poker enthusiasts are forced to drive across the state border if they want to take part in a regulated live poker game, so it should come as no surprise that most of the simply stay in their homes and engage in online play. Below, you will find a list of the absolute best online poker rooms available to New Hampshire residents these days.

Online Gambling FAQ

Where can I find regulations that pertain to gambling in New Hampshire?

All of those regulations are listed in Section 647 of New Hampshire Code.

What forms of gambling are legal and regulated within the borders of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has pari-mutuel betting, charitable gambling and a state-controlled lottery.

What is the legal status of online gambling in New Hampshire?

As of today, the legal status of online gambling in New Hampshire is impossible to determine. The authorities don’t go after individual gamblers.

Do offshore gambling sites accept New Hampshire residents?

Yes, New Hampshire residents can play on all the relevant offshore sites.

How can I deposit to an offshore gambling site from New Hampshire?

If you want to fund your offshore iGaming account, you should definitely use a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

How can I withdraw my money from an offshore iGaming site if I live in New Hampshire?

Withdrawals are very simple and are usually handled via a standard wire transfer.

Is New Hampshire planning to regulate online gambling in the future?

New Hampshire might regulate internet gambling when more states introduce iGaming regulations, which means that such a shift in state policy isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

Gambling History – Interesting Facts

1. The oldest New Hampshire race track, the Rockingham Park, has been open for visitors for over 100 years.

2. New Hampshire was first to launch a legal, state-controlled lottery back in 1964. This inspired almost all of the other states to follow suit over the next 20 years or so.

New Hampshire Gambling Resources

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