Live Dealer Roulette

As the online casino industry has matured, the biggest names in the industry have used increasingly unique methods of competing against one another. Of course, once one casino comes up with a good idea, the others soon follow suit. One of the perfect examples of this is the advent of live dealer roulette on the internet.

There are a number of casinos that provide roulette games with real dealers. The casinos use streaming video of real dealers with roulette tables to show you the action in real time. You can type to talk with the dealers, use your mouse to place your bets and then watch as the dealer spins the ball around the table.

The first time I heard about live dealer casino games, I was a little skeptical. But once I gave it some thought and checked out a few games for myself, I started coming around to the idea. Apparently, other players feel the same way. The idea is catching on in a big way.

Where to Play

All the big international gambling sites host live dealer roulette, but the US market is still a little behind. Fortunately, I do have one recommendation for my US readers. Here’s what I recommend based on your location:

These are easily the best sites for live games of all types. Each casino has been in operation for a long time and has processed countless payments to winners without a hitch. From everything I’ve seen on the internet, you won’t find a better place to play for real money.

More About the Game

Live dealer roulette on the internet is accomplished through the use of human dealers and streaming video. Online casinos use real roulette tables and dealers in combination with webcams to show you the game as it is played in real time. Instead of playing with an animated dealer and table, you get to watch as an actual roulette ball determines the outcome of every bet you place.

As an added benefit, most gambling sites give you the option to chat with the dealer and other players. I have seen a few casinos that do not allow you to chat with the dealer, but those are far and few between. Live roulette actually connects you with other people. It’s very similar to playing at a real roulette table at a brick and mortar casino.

Most casinos provide live dealer games 24 hours a day. This is another indication that the game is catching on. Back when I first started looking into live dealer games, casinos only hosted tables at certain times of day.

When you join a live dealer roulette table, the streaming video is placed near the top part of your computer screen. At the bottom of the screen, you are presented with a virtual betting area in which you can place your wagers. The dealer will see which bets you wish to place and continue the game accordingly. It’s a surprisingly simple setup and it works very well.

One of the most fun things about the game is that you get to play with other people as well. Roulette has always been a fun group game with a lot of interaction between the players. Sometimes you will be rooting for the other players, and sometimes you’ll be hoping for a different outcome. In the end, it’s a great way to pass an evening.


This is a video capture of a live dealer in action at JustBet casino. The video quality is quite a bit better when you actually download the software. Note: I no longer recommend JustBet Casino, but this is still a good indicator of what it looks like at any gambling site.

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