Linked Jackpots Explained

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The biggest jackpots that you see at gambling sites are usually linked progressive jackpots. If you visit the website of any online casino, you’ll probably see a jackpot counter that lists the biggest jackpots at that casino. In some cases, those jackpots go as high as hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

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These jackpots are able to grow so big because they are linked jackpots. What this means is that the slot machines with those jackpots are linked to the jackpots at other casinos. For example, the Shopping Spree II game can be found at dozens of different online casinos. The progressive jackpot at that game grows as people spin the reels wherever that game is found.

Whenever you spin the reels at a progressive linked jackpot, a portion of your wager goes to the main jackpot. At the same time, a portion of every wager being placed at that same game at other casinos is also being added to the central jackpot. This allows the jackpot to grow to astronomical heights within a relatively short period of time.

linked jackpot

There are pros and cons to progressive linked jackpots. The most obvious advantage is that the jackpot grows to big amounts quickly. When you have all those players at all those casinos contributing to the central jackpot, it creates massive jackpots.

The main disadvantage to playing at a linked jackpot is that the odds are terrible. Not only do the winning combinations come up rarely, but you also have to compete against many players at dozens of casinos. That’s the price you pay for million dollar jackpots.

Another disadvantage of progressive linked jackpots is that there is usually a minimum bet associated at those games. For example, the minimum wager to win the big one with Shopping Spree II is $2.50 per spin. That can add up quickly. You need either a big bankroll or a lot of patience to play this game and have a somewhat realistic hope of winning.

Where to Play Linked Jackpots

Are you determined to give it a shot despite the terrible odds? If so, I can’t blame you. A million dollar win would be life changing money for just about anyone. I can’t think of anything better than seeing that big jackpot light up and watching my gambling balance bloat up to seven figures.

Here is my personal favorite casino for progressive jackpot games:

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red has nine different progressive jackpot games. As of this writing (on March 18th 2014), here are the current jackpot totals:

  • Aztec’s Millions: $1,578,543
  • Caribbean Draw Poker: $52,740
  • Caribbean Stud: $52,570
  • Caribbean Holdem: $52,570
  • Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold: $336,354
  • Jackpot Piñatas: $1,746,560
  • Let Em Ride: $73,132
  • Shopping Spree 2: $315,264
  • Spirit of the Inca: $283,189

Click to visit Lucky Red

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