PayPal Casinos

PayPal is the most popular payment system on the internet. It is accepted by millions of online merchants and is trusted by hundreds of millions of customers. If you have a PayPal account (or are willing to sign up for one), finding a PayPal casino will make it very easy for you to deposit and withdraw from any major online casino.

The biggest PayPal casinos are UK-based gambling sites that have licenses with the UK Gambling Commission. USA online casinos do not accept PayPal as a deposit method, unfortunately. The legal climate is uncertain in the US and PayPal is not willing to risk doing business with real money casinos in the United States. If you live in the US, you’ll need to look into other casino deposit methods.

More PayPal Casino Info

PayPal is a convenient way to deposit and withdraw at online gambling sites. Casinos charge nothing for you to use PayPal and payments are processed quickly. PayPal only charges you if you fund your account with credit cards. If you fund your PayPal account with an e-check or ACH transfer, everything is processed free of charge.

Most online gambling sites come with a minimum PayPal deposit of $10. The maximum PayPal casino deposit varies from casino to casino, but I’ve seen as high as $5500. You may be able to increase these limits if you verify your PayPal account and make a couple of successful casino deposits.

PayPal is also a convenient way to receive your winnings. PayPal works as an e-wallet that you can use to hold your money online. When you withdraw from a casino, your winnings go straight to your PayPal account. From there, you can transfer the money back to your bank account or go shopping online.

PayPal withdrawals to your bank account are processed quickly. You can send the money straight to your bank account and it will be there within a couple of business days. It costs nothing to withdraw via this method.

You can also sign up for a PayPal debit card. If you do this, PayPal will send a debit card to you in the mail. This card is linked to your PayPal account and you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The PayPal debit card comes with a default daily spending limit of $3000 at stores and $400 at ATMs.

Signing up at PayPal

PayPal is so simple to use at online casinos that it’s worth signing up for an account if you don’t already have one. You can sign up for an account quickly by visiting All you have to do is fill out a little information and follow the instructions on the screen.

After you have a PayPal account, you will need to set up a payment method to process transactions. I recommend adding a credit card and bank account as payment methods. The bank account is the easiest way to pay with PayPal because it sends funds straight from your bank account to the PayPal casino of your choice.

In any case, PayPal has a simple walk-through screen that will get you all set up. PayPal is designed to be as simple as possible. Getting started with PayPal only takes a few minutes. Once you have an account, you can play at any PayPal casino online without revealing your banking information to that casino.

Online Casino PayPal

The above online casino PayPal recommendations are the best places to play for real money. There are several advantages to using PayPal as a deposit method at online casinos. One of the biggest upsides to using PayPal as a deposit method is that PayPal itself is a highly trusted payment system. It has processed billions of transactions over the years and has a top notch reputation.

Additionally, online casino PayPal deposits do not reveal your banking information to the casino. PayPal is designed to be a secure payment system for merchants of all types. When you purchase things from an online merchant (or deposit at an online casino), the merchant never sees your banking information.