Martingale Betting System

The martingale betting system is the most well known betting system of them all. This is probably because the basic premise behind the martingale system is simple: double your bet every time you lose until you win again. The idea that backs the martingale system is that you eventually have to win a bet and will be back to slightly above even when you do.

The martingale system is most often used for even money bets such as red/black in roulette or pass line bets in craps. If a player loses an even money bet, the martingale system tells that player to double the next bet in order to make up for the previous loss. If that second bet loses as well, then the player is told to double once again. It is hoped that eventually the player will win a bet and then be back to slightly ahead.


This example shows what the martingale betting system looks like in practice. Let’s assume you are starting out with a $1.00 bet at the roulette table of some random online casino.

You wager $1.00 and lose the wager.

Your next bet is for $2.00 and you lose.

Your next bet is for $4.00 and you lose.

Your next bet is for $8.00 and you lose.

Your next bet is for $16.00 and you win!

After using the martingale system for this progression of wagers, you are up by $1.00. This looks like a good system at first glance, but there are a couple of problems.

Martingale Betting System Debunked

The fundamental problem with the martingale betting system is that it does nothing to change the odds of any casino game. No matter how you size your bets, casino games have a built-in house advantage that you simply cannot beat. Over the long run, the martingale system has been mathematically proven to yield the same house edge that is calculated for casino games.

The second problem with the martingale system is that it assumes you have an infinite bankroll to continue doubling your bets indefinitely. Losing several bets in a row is much more common than most people realize. The doubling effect quickly catches up to even the largest of bankrolls. And even if you do have an unlimited bankroll, you will quickly run into the table’s betting limits.

You can also look to the rule of common sense for additional evidence against the martingale betting system. If the martingale betting system actually worked, you would expect to see people using it to make a lot of money at casinos. Even though most gamblers know all about the martingale system, all the casinos in the world continue to operate as normal. They don’t even try to stop you from using the martingale system.

Does the Martingale System Work?

The martingale system does not work well over the long run. It has been mathematically proven to be ineffective by countless models. Having said that, there are times when the martingale system can appear to work. In the short run, the martingale system usually does yield a small win.

Let me be very clear though: this not me telling you that the martingale system is a good betting system or that it is worthwhile. The frequent small wins that the martingale system yields are overshadowed by the less-frequent but much more disastrous losses that can result from an extended run of losses.

If you know how to stop once you’ve reached your limit, then there is nothing wrong with using the martingale system for fun. Just remember that the martingale system is not a sure-fire method for winning. Bad runs occur more often than people realize, and it can quickly become expensive to continue using the martingale system.

Look at the martingale system as a way to switch things up and test your luck. Over the long run, it is about the same as any other gambling method. But you have to prepare yourself mentally for the inevitable, expensive losing streak. If you are capable of stopping once you have reached your loss limit, then you have my blessing. Just don’t come back here upset if it doesn’t work out how you had hoped.

Ready to try it out?

If you accept the following conditions, you are ready to use the martingale system:

  • The martingale system can lead to disastrous results if pursued too far
  • The martingale system does not give you any advantage over the casino
  • You are willing to quit once you reach your daily loss limit

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